Techno can be classified as music, as long as it is not the overly repetitive crap that makes up 92% of the genre. Unfortunately, pop, hip hop, rap, and some forms of metal can easily be classified as techno because they are all made using electronic instruments (where can you find a natural version of a 303 or 808 drum/bassline or a MIDI sample?).
Music is an artform that should not only be respected, but given plenty of time and patience to be crafted.
by Ear for Music December 17, 2003
Metal is one type of music, it happens to be the best, wat chavs listen 2 is not music, they listen 2 shit
Heavy Metal is great, chav's suck cock whilst listening to shit they call music
by danteeva July 09, 2006
The antonym of "rap".
Rap is a bunch of meaningless words thrown together and then spoken fast. Thus, rap is NOT music.
by Graciela July 01, 2005
a very tasty desert found only in one region of north africa , music is very good when cooked right, teachers suck, ROCK ON
ice wheel
by calvin kenny February 25, 2004
Stuff found on most CDs, audio cassette tapes, and vinyl records, but does not include those made by Eminem, Ja Rule, Fifty Cent, Creed, and Good Charlotte. CDs, audio cassette tapes, and vinyl records made by these people are referred to as "crap" or "firewood."
Ichi: Yo, put on some music.
Ni: Aight. *Puts on "Thug Luvin'"
Ichi: NO! I said music, you stupid twat!
Ni: Oh, sorry. *Puts on Garbage, followed by Outkast, Missy Elliot, Audioslave, and Björk*
Ichi: That's better.
by I.T.I.P. December 20, 2003
scooter - soultrain
scooter - level one

exhilarating stuff
download these two at least!
by letsgetthepartystarted February 28, 2004
INCREDIBLY overrated. People are so caught up in the music scene that they forget that there's more to life. A simple book can get you out of reality. People obsess about originality and being unique and individual... but they always limit it to the music scene. Society cannot think outside of music. Music is conformity itself, believe it or not. We have people thinking that they are rebelling by LISTENING to metal. People thinking that if they LISTEN to underground bands, they are different. They limit originality to what they LISTEN to.
15 year old boy: I'm tired of being a tool of society, I think I'll go rebel by LISTENING to black metal.

Person1: Oh, she listens to Good Charlotte, she must be a teenie.
Person2: He's gangster, he listens to rap.
Person3: He's so punk with his mohawk and his Sex Pistols tee.
Person4: Ew, you listen to Beyonce? Don't talk to me.

Notice how I emphasize the word LISTEN. Only because people judge others depending on what they listen to. Music went from something beautiful to something society uses as a tool to stereotype people/bring people down/judge people.

Music is the route of stereotypes.
Music is destroyed by society.
Music is overrated.
by LLAMALLAMA March 11, 2007
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