music equals sex (so i have been told)
guy:so you like soundgarden, jimmy eat world
chick:take me now
by mkool March 15, 2005
poetry 2.0
she got a donk

she got a donk donk donk
*boom chik boom

- music
by auslander raus September 20, 2010
Mankind's one invention that is sold for well under it's true value.
"Music is the voice that tells us the human race is greater than it knows"

by who the fuck cares?? May 20, 2010
In my definition the art of expressive manipulation of sound, virtually every human culture has a type or types of music making it the one thing we all have in common. There's a theory stating that music first developed when humans were still primitive hunter-gatherers and had to fight for survival as something to warn off predators, but that's only a theory.
Music: Can't live without it
by It'sAsh January 20, 2010
A way to rock out, or cry to. It is used in so many awsome ways.
rock out music: marilyn manson, the ramones, sum41, ect.
crying music: coldplay, the deftones(seriously), sam roberts etc.
by AlEx ThE rOcKeR September 12, 2003
1. A soundtrack to life
2. A saviour of sanity.
3. My boyfriend.
1. Eat, Breathe and Sleep Music.
2. Certain groups/artists have pulled many people back from the edge
3. The only guy I'll need.
by flip-flop-fizz August 23, 2008
What is played on the radio, along with rap, news, and morning shows. Some genres of music are: Rock, Classical, Country, Jazz, and Blues.
That all rap radio station plays no music.
by pseudonym April 10, 2005

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