Music is the language of the heart.

Music can celebrate a thousand joys,
Say a thousand thank you's,
Swear a thousand loves,
and Cry a thousand tears,
Without a single lyric
"Mmffff ... mmphhh mmmpphh ..."

(Get it? It's the human Heart, trying to speak without music as its voice ... haha.) :)
by jazzdrummer25 June 23, 2009
A crude form of communication based upon patterned oscillating atmospheric distortions generated via vocal and or instrumental means with the intent to convey some emotion or express some (typically abstract) concept. Music exist in several different genres, which can be further subdivided into smaller classifications; but those are mostly created by marketing reps to confuse the average listener and incite rivalry amongst unimportant subcultures. The bottom line is trends and the all mighty $. Whatever values coveted by the factions who vehemently enjoy one particular type of music over another are not truly relevant.
For some reason music seems to speak to the soul of most people. It reaches out to the primal man-ape within us all. The weak minded can be controlled or inspired by it. An impressionable music aficionado can be persuaded or dissuaded to kill his or her best friend just by listening to music. Music can be soothing riveting or something all together different.
by lsob May 15, 2005
A collabouration between instrument and musician. Music has a novelty of involving the use of instruments with some singing with the influence of technology. Generally music, for example rock, has a constant beat which can be changed to allow the musicians to move flawlessly into a new peace of thier creation. This is called improvisation. What isn't music is the noise created by people created from the process of insest. For example 50 cent R Kelly and their 'possy'.
"This music is great"
"They call that music?"
by Maverick October 13, 2003
Sounds organized within time; tells a story
1) "I like to listen to music while masturbating!"
2) "We made great music last night!"
by Superman April 10, 2003
A great thing, but made into a generic artform by every scene kid that whines about having no other way to express himself/herself. If you identify with music that's cool, but don't let if define you as a person. It's not the only thing out there, if it was, we'd all be screwed.
Me: Why do you listen to your iPod all the time?

Scene kid: Because music if my life force, and without it I'd have no other way to express myself and lose my identity as a human being.

Me: Dork
by I'm Angry At the Scene Kids August 09, 2010
music equals sex (so i have been told)
guy:so you like soundgarden, jimmy eat world
chick:take me now
by mkool March 15, 2005
poetry 2.0
she got a donk

she got a donk donk donk
*boom chik boom

- music
by auslander raus September 20, 2010

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