Something that Lil Wayne killed
I can't stand mainstream music anymore, its just talking to a beat now a days
by this is a nickname March 28, 2010
The language of the people.
"heyy where are you from..?"
"i'm from Canada, but i speak Music"
by rhcplover June 15, 2008
Music is the organization of sound and lyrics. Music is what makes the world go around. It gives you a smile. It reminds you of someone, something, or a different time then the present. A memory.
Music is AWESOME!!
Music is also a character from Harajuku Lovers.
Music and donuts are an awesome pair.

Music is life.

Genres of music are pop, rap, rock, hip hop, R & B, country, techno and others.
by ExploodingCupcakeK December 21, 2010

Born 7000 BC,

Acheived perfection 1965 - 1973
and again in 1975, and in 1982

On a downwards spiral since the late '90s, because of Corperate America. Services like ITunes, and !Yahoo music.

Put in critical condition by Fatcat tools like 50Cent, Lil' Wayne, Soulja Boy, the Jonas Brothers, Justin Beiber, Miley Cyrus, Ke$ha, Ludacris, Down with Webster, Nickelback, Disney and Syncronizers.

If you support any of these artists in anyway you are sucking corperate dick and ruining a once beautiful form of art.
-Radio playing Justin Beiber-
Martin: This chick has a weird voice.

One, two, three to the four.
Snoop doggy Dogg and Dr. dre is at the door.

Anyway you want it, that's the way you need it.

Some music is closer to death than others. see hip hop

Please don't let Music die, broaden your musical horizons.
by PancratialSWED July 05, 2010
The one thing no one can hate.
A melodic often rhyme with a melodic voice and/or instruments.
Pleasing to many humans when they need to relax.
And if you are actually looking this us you are either 1) an alien from another planet or 2) curious person 3) someone with nothing better to do

THERE IS NO BAD MUSIC, if it were bad no one would be listening to it.
There are many music genres; Rap, Electro, Metal, Rock, Alternative, Opera, Classical, and many more! with all different kinds of fans!
by k88098 May 23, 2010
The only get-away you have from life, parents, work, etc.
Parents: Go to your room Josh!

-Kid closes door, locks it, and turns up music extremely loud. Kid is very happy after mom's nagging is drowned out by the music. -
by Mandila July 16, 2008
Vibrations that are, have been, or potentially could be heard by a listener. Generally formed by a cognizant composer, with motives ranging from mathematical beauty to "shout outs" to said creator's "niggaz".
So, John Cage, GG Allin, Wesley Willis and Tupac are at a café in Hell exchanging their infinate musical (adj.) wisdom among themselves...

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