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Sounds that brings your mind to a mental transport or rapture from the contemplation of divine things.
Music brings me serenity.
by xkilla_kelsx March 01, 2009
Music is mankinds greatist invention. you know when you have such an unbelievably profound experience that words could not possibly describe it... thats where music comes in.
Led Zepplin, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, John Lennon, Bob Dylan ... these bands and people completely embody music.
by Rush2112 January 28, 2008
Music is more than just sound vibrations. A song can take you back to a place or time long ago. It is the great uniter: nearly every culture has music. Some people can't imagine life without it. Its there, always, a fallback for when you need it. Music will never die.
Everyone likes different music, so don't try and fit into conformity and listen to legitimized crap instead of the real thing.
by annas.: September 06, 2007
Something that should not be talked about, with your friends, family or strangers. Should be in the same "subjects never to talk about" list such as "Politics, Religion". No matter what you listen to, no matter what band makes the "music" somebody is gonna say how much they suck, and how talentless they are, Irregardless of what "genre". Thats why I listen to music by myself where nobody else can hear, so I don't have to defend it, or explain why I like it. LIke what you like already mother fuckers. God, this is the biggest "fanboy" "hater" site ever!
Do not talk about Religion, Politics, and Music, with anybody. This will constitute a pointless argument, and wasted time and animosity. I like New metal and metal. If you guys like rap, pop, or Green day, don't say what I listen to sucks, because YOU don't like it. I respect the music you listen to, so don't insult me. AND don't force it up my ass, like change the radio station in my car because you don't like it, And say how Led Zeppelin Is "god". WHICH IN MY OPINION Classic Rock Sucks Dick! It's over-played, old and stale!
by MOTOGRATER April 09, 2006
Any rhythmic expression....The main requirement is an instrumental. Without instruments playing a beat or whatnot, the singer or rapper is not performing music. With that said, the dude saying that music requires singing and not rapping(what he calls "talkin") is very wrong. Groups such as orchestras perform and release albums. They dont always include a chorus with them. Now I know for a fact you wont deny that orchestras play music. Your embedded ethnocentrism wont allow you to. Most orchestras consist of caucasian musicians; who do not sing. It is still music; and very good music at that. Therefore, hip-hop artists who grant it, for the most part, do not sing, still are considered musical performers due to the fact that their music displays rhythmic expressions. Lastly, hip-hop musicians are far more talented than you think when it comes to the complexity of their music and their lyrics specifically. Not always the case for rock an roll. However, I am not disrespecting the genre of rock and roll either. It is simply my stating that most people overlook the talent of hip-hop artists.
Them gothic chicks need to get themselves educations before they obtain the right to judge music that they have little to no knowledge about.

Example of Rap Lyrics- "I specialize in hypnotizing, im never compromising/
my skills are surprising, despite hate arising its love im reviving/
under pressure im thriving best come outta your hiding/
like Randy Johnson im sliding into the front seat confiding/
in the girl I hold dearest in my heart two souls colliding/
so before you judge me racist laws your abiding/
pick up your knowledge and like Game stop snitching, stop lying" -Me(Im 15, and not nearly talented enough to become a professional MC, plus it took my less than 2 minutes to come up with that)

Ok some Rock and Roll Lyrics-"IM NOT OKAYYYYYYYYYYYY"-My Chemical Romance....Now i could be wrong, but it prolly took them a bit longer to come up with that....
A dying art.
What the hell happened to music? I'm sick of this "BOOM BOOM POW" and "AUTO TUNE" bullshit. The mainstream music companies are even ruining indie bands now. Everything is starting to sound like the same shit. WAKE UP PEOPLE! IF THINGS DON'T CHANGE, A MUSICAL ARMAGEDDON IS IMMINENT!
by Concerned Music Lover April 06, 2010