A thing that the modern day society has used to judge people with.

If people on her really liked music, they would not care what channel it was played on, or whether it became 'mainstream' or not, who cares? It is still the same song is it not?

If the music you like is played on MTV, shouldnn't you be pleased that the artist is doing well instead of having ago at them for becoming a 'sellout'. PLEASE!

People use music taste to either look down on each other or to be segregated.

Thanks to modern day society
Person 1: I hate 'so so' song now it is on MTV and every one is singing it!

Person 2: Does the song actually change?

Person 1: Ummmm...No. But every ones singing it when they were so hardcore before.

Person 2: 'Hardcore'?!?!? So whats new then? Surely when you listen to the song you just hear the same quality music?

Person 1: Ahhhh.... Ummmm

Person 2: Fag
by niff182 September 04, 2006
Something that links every soul in the world, regardless of sex, race etc...
We would be lost without music.
by HelloMyNameIsAnonymous October 17, 2009
Music is what is on the line between the tangible and the spiritual. It has a foot in both worlds and affects both profoundly and irreversibly.
Music is what feelings sound like. ~Author Unknown
by UDuser2293 March 15, 2009
The only true way to express your feelings and emotions without everyone around you thinking your a complete dumbass.
Music is the greatest achievement of all times.
by Jarrod Black February 09, 2009
The light in my darkness and my saving grace
Music helped me get through so many painful parts of my life and celebrate the good ones.
by MickeyBravo January 10, 2009
A major driving force in today's American culture. Often used my groups of people taking names for themselves from a chosen genre then using it to become as exclusivist as the groups they claim to be shunned by. Used all too often to ostrasize and generalize to fit others into neat little packages and stray away from having to deal with anyone. Music is the most important thing to most people, but sometimes for the entirely wrong reasons. Music is beautiful and one of the best forms of self expression, do not use it to boost yourself.
Pretentious Teenager: Look at that freaky little Emo kid, what a poser.
"Emo" Kid: Fuck you, you fucking fuck.

Pretentious Teenager: You're too preppy to be a punk.
"Preppy/Punk" Kid: I don't give a flying fuck what you say, I like the music so fuck you in the ass with a lit cigar.
by TunnySpitfire January 30, 2006
The highest form of communication.
I love music. All Music. It is wonderful!

For God's sake, please listen to some music. Any kind of music! It won't hurt you. I know what I am talking about. I am a composer of some very minor pieces, and several albums, also known as compact discs, within the field
of electronic music. I earned a degree from the University of Montevallo in 1990. That's all I am ever allowed by law as of now in the United Stated to
do! And I was born here in 1966 just outside of a little tiny city called Chicago.
If you are seriously deranged or something, go away now and don't read
any further. Because what I am about to type now is the truth. Here Goes:

God gave mankind and womankind the power to compose music. See,
that was not so hard, now was it?
by Barry Douglas Butler June 25, 2007

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