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Something that links every soul in the world, regardless of sex, race etc...
We would be lost without music.
by HelloMyNameIsAnonymous October 17, 2009
13 15
Music is what is on the line between the tangible and the spiritual. It has a foot in both worlds and affects both profoundly and irreversibly.
Music is what feelings sound like. ~Author Unknown
by UDuser2293 March 15, 2009
16 18
The only true way to express your feelings and emotions without everyone around you thinking your a complete dumbass.
Music is the greatest achievement of all times.
by Jarrod Black February 09, 2009
23 25
The light in my darkness and my saving grace
Music helped me get through so many painful parts of my life and celebrate the good ones.
by MickeyBravo January 10, 2009
18 20
A major driving force in today's American culture. Often used my groups of people taking names for themselves from a chosen genre then using it to become as exclusivist as the groups they claim to be shunned by. Used all too often to ostrasize and generalize to fit others into neat little packages and stray away from having to deal with anyone. Music is the most important thing to most people, but sometimes for the entirely wrong reasons. Music is beautiful and one of the best forms of self expression, do not use it to boost yourself.
Pretentious Teenager: Look at that freaky little Emo kid, what a poser.
"Emo" Kid: Fuck you, you fucking fuck.

Pretentious Teenager: You're too preppy to be a punk.
"Preppy/Punk" Kid: I don't give a flying fuck what you say, I like the music so fuck you in the ass with a lit cigar.
by TunnySpitfire January 30, 2006
24 26
the band dream theater
The band dream theater is the definition of music
by Ben r December 10, 2005
25 27
music is a language spoken by everyone and everything. no matter what your skin color is what country your from. music has always been around for ever and will stay till the end of time and longer. music can make you smile it can give you hope and sometimes a reason to live it can give you courage. people would be lost without music. music keeps us happy and hopefull. music is the medicin of the soul. no one hates music its the sound of life.thats all i have to say.
my children just lost there mother and we listend to the radio and looked at our family album we all smiled because her favorite song came on ust then and we new she would still be with us even if not phisicly. we would be lost without music and so would mom.
(not to make anyone sad i just made that up to make my point because i think that would happen)
by just a kid who loves music. May 27, 2011
5 8