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The only escape of depression. When you are sad you listen to music and it instantly makes you happy <3
One Direction Music
Black Veil Brides Music
by Anna Horan_552 May 13, 2013
N. An element of life more important than water.
Joe: Hey, bro, if you were stranded on a desert island with no plants or anything, what would you bring?

Ronnie: Fuck the water purifier, I'm gonna bring my music with me

Joe: Agreed man *fist bump*
by McFlubbarGazmz October 21, 2012
One of mankind's biggest arguments.
1) Hey this rap music sucks ass.
2) Fuck you bro, rap kicks more ass than your reggae music.
by jx986 June 11, 2012
Definition: Organized sound
-Curtis Mayfield's "Move On Up"
-Any Song you've ever heard
-A two year old banging pot lids
-Birds chirping
-Any Britney Spears Song (yes, even Britney...)
-The muslim call to prayer on Fridays, or your local church's bells at noon

...it's all valid to be identified as music - everything after that is a matter of taste.
by Rasul Phoenix April 11, 2007
Has been ruined and regurgitated by dumb cunts in the music industry who only want to make a dime. They will buy out any decently talented person or band and whore them out for cheap. They find anything that makes you happy, & duplicate it. There's not much originality now because of this. What we have now is a clusterfuck of starving musicians with gaping buttholes because the music industry has fucked them so hard. Do the time to research what is happing to the people you get your entertainment from. The industry is taking naïve people and turning them into duplicates of other more successful idiots. YOUR MUSIC IS BEING DUMBED DOWN AND REGURGITATED AND YOU ARE EATING THIS SHIT LIKE IT'S FRESH OUT OF THE OVEN! STOP LISTENING TO THE TOP 40 CHARTS AND DO SOME DIGGING ON THE INTERNET FOR SOME REAL TALENT! ANYONE CAN MAKE A BEAT AND SING OVER IT! Whether you take this advise or not, support the person who is putting out the music. As of right now with the internet and it's capabilities, musicians are relying on the honor code for profit. If you were to buy music that is original, takes skill to write, & is regurgitated as little as possible, we might be able to bring life back to a dying system. BUY YOUR MUSIC! SUPPORT YOUR ENTERTAINER! LISTEN TO SOMETHING BESIDES THE TOP BILLBOARD CHARTS! ONLY LISTEN TO PEOPLE WHO WRITE THIER OWN SONGS! Listen to music that takes REAL talent to WRITE. If you did this, you would help change music for the better & bring forth a new era in music.
Person 1:miley cyrus, madonna, lady gaga, britney spears, usher, lil wayne, most country celebrities, most rap celebrities, all pop genre celebrities are terrible!

Person 2: have you looked at what the music industry has done to them. You should look for people with real talent who write their own songs, and really work hard to produce their own material.

Person 1: Like who?

Person 2: anyone that doesn't perform other peoples shitty 4 chord songs, or shitty beats with raspy talking over it. It sounds like those people just had a giant dick force fed down their throat and it destroyed their vocal cords.
by villageidiot2 December 06, 2013
A thing that the modern day society has used to judge people with.

If people on her really liked music, they would not care what channel it was played on, or whether it became 'mainstream' or not, who cares? It is still the same song is it not?

If the music you like is played on MTV, shouldnn't you be pleased that the artist is doing well instead of having ago at them for becoming a 'sellout'. PLEASE!

People use music taste to either look down on each other or to be segregated.

Thanks to modern day society
Person 1: I hate 'so so' song now it is on MTV and every one is singing it!

Person 2: Does the song actually change?

Person 1: Ummmm...No. But every ones singing it when they were so hardcore before.

Person 2: 'Hardcore'?!?!? So whats new then? Surely when you listen to the song you just hear the same quality music?

Person 1: Ahhhh.... Ummmm

Person 2: Fag
by niff182 September 04, 2006
A random or uniform mixture of sound and silence created by voice and instrument to create rhythm and beat.
Listen to music and enjoy life.
by B-Drac September 16, 2003