The reason we're all still alive. Real music gets us through our day, it overpowers us with it's magic that can hardly be put into words.
"Without music, I wouldn't be here."

"Yeah same! I was listening to Justin Bieber earlier."

"You should be dead."
by lunylovegood December 13, 2011
1. time line of humanbeing's brain.

2. certain types of disordered heartstorming.

3. stabbing at where emotion comes from.

4. one of the most addictive drugs on planet earth's soil.

5. something that goes on lastforever no matter what those machines which naturally got no creative skills but all that fucking envy towards real people, a.k.a. critics, masterbate with.
jazz, soul, hip hop, turntablism, funk, rock, blues, african/asian traditional rhythms, any further music.
by psycoban June 20, 2006
Something mankind has lost.
Paul: "Did you listen to One Direction's new hit? Music has never been better!"

Frank: "I remember a time when instruments made music..."
by Poor Andrew November 10, 2012
The essence of life
The main theme of the unfinished album 'Lifehouse' by the Who, is that the essence of life is a music note.
by RockOn96 October 10, 2011
A group of frequencies combined together in specific sequence in order to produce and express emotion.
Jimmy Hendrix expressed himself through music.
by Pr0m3th3uS October 03, 2011
is the art of thinking.
let your thoughts be heard.

music is like an impressionistic painting, people may be listening to the same song, but they hear something completly different.
by kimigirl November 05, 2007
Music is anything with a beat. And will be by you're side side forever it saves lives. Music is the best thing ever created.
(Person 1) Who are you listening to?
(Person 2) Well I'm listening to Pierce The Veil, They saved my life. Who are you listening to?
(Person 1) Sleeping With sirens, They never saved my life but their music was with me all the way when I had a hard time.
by LittleEmoKitteh. cx August 24, 2013

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