Something that makes us who we are.
Person 1: life sucks

Person 2: you're obviously not listening to the right music.
by Capn tory April 11, 2013
Something that only a few gifted souls are able to create, these days.
"Okay, Joe, Nick? If we can just put our heads together, maybe we can at least write some music that's worth while."

"Oh, uuuuh... how, I'm feeling it Kevin, I'm feeling it, ummm.... I'm... feeling... paranoid! That's it! Paranoid!"

"Uh, but Nick isn't that a song by Black Sabbath---

"CAN IT JOE! It's brilliant!"
by Degree7 August 08, 2009
Without music, I'd have nothing to live for.
Thank you for the music.
by CatherineInRock February 27, 2004
Music is the sound of love and hate and good and bad and every emotion a human being could have, all laid out in a simple song. It is the universal language. People all over the world can sing the same song and feel the same way and have the same experience. It's incredible. It kept people together in hard times. There are countless talented people out there, and whether the year is 1969, 2013, or 9497- there will always be artists that will create gorgeous melodies for the world to simultaneously bang their heads and tap their feet to. And whether people find whatever that melody is to be good or bad, it will always inarguably be magical.

Some of the best musicians in my opinion: Queen, The Killers, Coldplay, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Oasis, U2, The Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, Eminem, Passion Pit, Fun., David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Def Leppard, Adele, Modest Mouse, John Lennon, The Strokes, etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.

P.S. There isn't one musician that I don't respect for putting something positive in the world that brings people together and brings love and happiness. Thank you music for changing my life <3
ME: *Puts on headphones

*Dies from listening to amazing music
by indietripchic September 02, 2013
The energy link that merges humans with the Cosmic Whole.
Hal: "Whoa man.......Music.....whoa."

Steve: "Yeah Hal, I like Phish too dude. Good Music."
by oshobasho April 10, 2013
Seriously. There are now 157 definitions of this word.

If you've clicked this far, then you're probably really bored, and browsing Urban Dictionary to put off doing some important task or other. Maybe an assignment? Paying a bill? My point is, it's more than likely you know darned well what music is: you're just procrastinating.

On the off-chance you actually have no idea what it is - maybe you've been deaf your whole life, and by some miracle can hear now - you should stop trying to look it up and go and experience it. Check Wikipedia for different musical genres - there are hundreds. Find one you like. Find artists you like. Listen to what they have written.

Music is for LISTENING TO, not reading about.
There is no such thing as universally "good" music. Until you have listened to everything, you cannot possibly judge which is the best - and even then, who are you to dictate another's tastes and preferences?
by Facepalm. January 19, 2013
The last saving grace for humanity. Unlike much of today's pop music, which is only manufactured to make money, real music is emotion and sound that makes people feel. Unless you're dead inside, then that's your problem. Music breaks down barriers, music is life.
I like music.
by wreckingball283 October 15, 2012

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