Music is a pure, raw and mostly primal vibration felt in the deepest pit of your soul and being. Music is selfless, music is true. Music is So What by Miles Davis, Subterranean Homesick Blues by Bob Dylan, music is Machine Gun by Jimi Hendrix, music is Any Colour You Like, music is Freedom, music is a Cold Shot. Music is best when closing your eyes or while watching the world roll by. Music is the deep tone of B.B.'s Lucille, it's the smooth flow of Coltranes sax, it's the harsh, biting sound of Bob Dylan's harmonica and it's the whirl of Manzareks Rhodes. It's what makes us who we are, what we stand for, how we see and how we feel. Unfortunately, it's a rare commodity these days. What with 'bands' like Coldplay, 50 Cent, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, all of them being clones of other crappy ass bands. It's all commercial. I wish people would just shut the fuck up and play some goddamn music.

"Music is the exaltation of the mind derived from things eternal, bursting forth in sound."

-Thomas Aquinas
by MaggiesFarm November 11, 2006
Music is the language of God. It describes the indescribable, and has the capacity to help people experience oneness with God. Without music, life would be unimaginable. There are three types of music, although much music is a combination of two or more:

1.The first type of music is music of the body- meant for dancing and making love, it is, above all, sensual. It should be rhythmic and melodic. Latin music is a good example.

2.The second type is music of the soul. It is edifying to the mind, and speaks to the longings of the heart and opens the mind to Truth. Jazz is a good example of this, as is much Classical music. Some rock and pop music also sould be classified here, though very little of the kind that you hear on commercial radio or see on MTV.

3.The third type is music of the spirit. It appeals to the highest depths of the spirit, bringing mankind to higher resonance, and helping a person tune into the invisible universe. The music of Alice Coltrane would be a good example. Very few people actually get to hear such music nowadays.
4. Pseudo-music
Music is a part of every culture, but Corporate America has been trying to kill music, substituting machine generated "noise" and trying to pass it off as "music".

There are those who are doing their best to keep young people from ever experiencing real music, because people who have no spirituality can be more easily manipulated. The disease of soulless, hateful, music- free, melody-free "pseudo-music" is being spread over the face of the earth, and will destroy our souls unless we stop it, by creating a new, joyful, melodic music of international liberation.
That elevator"muzak" isn't music- it's pure crap!
"Rap" that doesn't have any melody or harmony may be poetry, but it isn't music.
by Tabitha Elkins May 10, 2006
Something that makes us who we are.
Person 1: life sucks

Person 2: you're obviously not listening to the right music.
by Capn tory April 11, 2013
Music is something can explain feelings,by words and the sound. The world would not be the same with out it.
i live for music
by newzealandmuso September 11, 2012
Any form of Audio that expresses feeling, emotion, or experience. Cannot truly be defined by genres, only by the vibrations and the frequencies projected. Without it, life couldnt exist.
Classical, Irish Folk, Mississippi Blues, Chopped and Screwed, Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, Punk Rock, Reggae, Dancehall, Polka, Reggaeton, Extreme Metal, Gangsta Rap, Chicago Blues, Jazz, Salsa, Alternative, Hardcore, Hip-Hop, Pop, Country, Bluegrass, K-Pop, Electronic, Techno, Country Pop, Surf Rock, Stoner Metal, Horrorcore, Deathcore, Screamo, Pop-Punk, Adult Contemporary, Jazz-Rock, Rap Rock, Psychadellic, Russian Folk, its all Music. Love it or hate it.
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