my world.
my soul.
my feelings.
my drug.
my reason why I get up in the morning.
my escape.
my haven.
my heaven.

I would believe the feeling is mutual.
"music is... indescribable."
by Campbell Vreeland July 06, 2008
what makes the world go round
metallica is the best music
by Brett June 19, 2003
the language spoken around the world
music; let the beat control you
by noreshii February 18, 2009
liberation through sonics.
mans only divinity.
life without music is no life at all.
by sphere fear August 29, 2003
Music is music. Several people like to criticize certain artists like Slipknot and Avril Lavigne, but what they produce is music. It has a beat, a melody, there is no right or wrong about music. No one is forcing you to listen to them, but there's no reason to say they're 'poser bands' or criticize 'nu metal'. Hundreds of people may like a band that you hate because it's music, a universal language that can be enjoyed by everyone. Categorizing music (especially within the metal genre) and saying people are 'posers' if they like a certain band because it's 'nu metal' is ruining the listening of music as well. Listen to music for yourself, not to impress someone. Don't take what kind of music you listen to so seriously; just listen to it and enjoy it, that's what music is about.
Person 1: Slipknot is the dumbest band ever. Nu-metal sucks.
Person 2: Music is music, man. Just chill. No one's forcing you to listen to a band you don't like.
by Paresthesia February 27, 2006
The ultimate drug that doesn't kill you from the inside-out.
Music is my source of joy.
by Tehtrekd October 16, 2011
A form of art that is, by definition, organized sound. But there's SO much more to it than that.

"I believe that music is God's voice."

- Brian Wilson

"Music is great. It's a language that everyone knows."

- Bill Hicks

"I think music is the closest we can get to understanding the unknown."

- Someone very special to me
Music: the sound that shapes our lives.
by The Jugular April 23, 2006

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