my world.
my soul.
my feelings.
my drug.
my reason why I get up in the morning.
my escape.
my haven.
my heaven.

I would believe the feeling is mutual.
"music is... indescribable."
by Campbell Vreeland July 06, 2008
Organized sound with intent.
by Musictheory May 16, 2009
To Drop Music, To Play Music.
Starting the music off / Playing some Music.
by Mr.Stephenxx January 11, 2008
A composition of tunes.
I like to listen to some tunes
by Rich January 28, 2003
The sound that comes out of your radio in between the commercials.
"Change the channel, Robert. The music just came on."
by ManDeLaMancha July 17, 2009
THE most versatile and universal means of expression. Also largely a matter of opinion and apparently something money-makers try to "own."

Music has also been, might I add very wrongly, divided into categories/sub-categories called "genres" that's created an immense level of disunity between music lovers everywhere, causing one group to attack another in favor of their preferred "genre." Really no different from the "money-makers" who try to "own" it.

Rather silly, really, but we're human.
This is an example of the definition for the word, "music."
by amalga June 26, 2004
Music is not a tangible thing. It is simply a relationship between sound and time.
by joe August 10, 2003
Vibrations, regardless of source, that are conveyed through one or more physical bodies (the most obvious being air), affect a "listening entity" and are interpreted first as "sound" and secondly as a conceptual statement, intentional or not. Generally designed by a cognizant creator, or composer. Purpose behind the creation of music ranges from the exploration of audible mathematical systems (ie: overtone series) to "shout outs" to said creator's "niggaz".
So, Wesley Willis, John Cage, GG Allin and Tupac are at a café in Hell discussing their regrets concerning their earthly musical careers...

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