my world.
my soul.
my feelings.
my drug.
my reason why I get up in the morning.
my escape.
my haven.
my heaven.

I would believe the feeling is mutual.
"music is... indescribable."
#music #soul #world #drug #morning #great
by Campbell Vreeland July 06, 2008
One of the best reasons not to kill yourself.
It is an intangible element required for suitable life.
Music is love
Music is an expression of feeling through sound
Music is something that the entire world can agree on, that it is fucking awesome
Music is something that requires incredible skill, yet anyone in the world can make it.
Music is the shit
Music is on of the only things that will hold you and make you feel better
Music understands everyone
Music IS everyone
Music understands everything
Music IS everything
Music. It's some sick shit, yo
#music #is #what #shapes #all #of #us
by Jizzy Jan February 15, 2010
music is the meaning of life. It can change your mood, send the strongest messages, and nourish the mind. Once you have discovered good music, you can never go back to living without it. Without music, life would be dry and boring as hell.
"I was listening to music today and it filled my heart with joy."
by inbar pm June 29, 2005
With out music I think most peopel would die. Music is the one thign where kids today can go and get away form the world today
by bleedintodark August 08, 2003
What feelings sound like
Love can be heard through any genre of music.
#love #music #feelings #emotions #emo
by Love_is_forever_with_you May 11, 2009
music should be something that should you want to listen to. No matter what anyone listens to or what they have to say what i listen to its my personal choice to listen to what i want. They can listen to whatever they want too. No matter how much i hate it.
Me: I listen to punk, heavy metal, NuMetal, and anything rocknroll. What music do you listen to?
Other Guy: I listen to Classical and Rap.
Me: Okay thats cool.
#sex #drugs #rock' n' roll #metal #music appreciation
by yeahyeahyeah February 24, 2006
Sound manipulated to the point of aaesthetic ecstacy
Boom boom whack boom boom boom whack MUSIC!
#bowie #beatles #beauty #botox #buttocks
by TheMusicMan February 15, 2010
A piece of art usually needing talent or feelings to play unlike the over-rated mainstream you hear everywhere. Normally it shouldn't deal with how you dress or who you pretend to be. It is something that actually has a melody to it and not a three minute song with chorus made up of two bar chords.
Person 1: Hey did you see 50 Cent yesterday on MTV?
Person 2: Sorry, I was to busy listening to music.
by travis March 13, 2005
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