A Music Whore is a Male/Female who, when asked "What Music Do you like" They respond with not dozens but hundreds of stupid bands that noone has ever heard of. Then they add the bands that are just there, that means they add EVERYTHING...
Here we have it, a perfect example of a Music whore...

Mandys Profile :

What Type Of Music Do You Listen To Mandy??? <3<3<3

36 Crazyfists. 3 Doors Down. 48May. A Perfect Circle. A Static Lullaby. A.F.I. Alien Ant Farm. The All American Rejects. All Left Out. Atreyu. Audioslave. The Bleeders. Blindspott. Blink 182. Bloodhound Gang. Bowling for Soup. Breaking Benjamin. The Breed. CKY. Creed. Daft Punk. Dashboard Confessional. Disturbed. Elemeno P. End of Fashion. Evanescence. Evermore. Fall Out Boy. Falter. False Start. Foo Fighters. Forever Now. From First To Last. Funeral For a Friend. Good Charlotte. Goodnight Nurse. Goodshirt. Green Day. Hawthorne Heights. Head Automatica. H.I.M. Hoobastank. Incubus. Incursa. INXS. Jimmy Eat World. The Killers. Kisschasy. Korn. Linkin Park. The Living End. Lost Prophets. Luke Thompson. The Midnight Youth. Millencolin. Mudvayne. Mumsdollar. My Chemical Romance. My Life Story. Newending. New Found Glory. Nickelback. The Offspring. Panic! At the Disco. Papa Roach. Pennywise. Pluto. P.O.D. The Presidents Of The United States. Puddle of Mudd. Quarter 2. Queen. Queens of the Stoneage. The Rabble. The Rasmus. Red Hot Chili Peppers. Redmore. Rival State. Shihad. Simple Plan. Staind. Stardrunk. The Starting Line. Steriogram. Story of the Year. Streetwise Scarlet. Sugarcult. Sugar Ray. Sum 41. Switchfoot. System of a Down. Taking Back Sunday. Thirsty Merc. Troy the Snail. U2. UB40. The Used. Wash. Weezer. Yellowcard. Zed. And more...
by darkmyst April 26, 2006
Top Definition
1. Someone who listens to all genres of music from heavy metal to pop-punk, rap to showtunes. Could also be called music slut, bitch, wench, or any other term for prostitute.
1. I'm a music whore because I'll listen to anything.
2. I'm a music whore for rock music, anyhting rock I'll listen to.
by Luckymoose December 27, 2004
A person who illegally downloads thousands of music tracks.
Said person often doesn't even have time to listen to half the tracks.
James: Dude, I just caught a glimpse of Rob's iPod, and it had about 2,000 songs on it!

Tim: He's a Music Whore.
by musiclover69 June 21, 2010
A girl who will listen to stuff that she thinks other people will appreciate her for thus, over-downloading music and memorzing lyrics so she will seem indie and musically cultured.

Most likely she doesn't know anything about cool music and she overlistens to it after it's on her ipod, therefore she 'whores' the music.
(Hears a distant Red Hot Chili Peppers song)

O. M. G. whaaaaat is that song. I absolutely NEED it on my ipod.
Thinks to herself:
I am so freaking cool.


You are such a music whore.
by flashdelirium March 16, 2010
A person who buys entirely too much music, and most of it is obsolete bands that only they like.
Dude, I bought all of the Mad-Sweet Pang's music last night!

I have no idea who they are. You music whore
by storyofmylife April 08, 2010
(n). Moo-zick Hoor; When someone delights in pursueing many different aspects of the musical scene with the intentions of popular social gratitude.
She listens to so may different types of music that we can definately classify her as a music whore.
by The Barisaxman May 18, 2005
A combination of a Band Nerd and either an Orchestra Nerd or a Choir Dweeb, or an Orchestra Nerd, a Choir Dweeb, and either a Band Geek or a Band Dork. They live in the music wing and are usually involved in keeping the peace between the warring music groups.
"Wait, you mean Kathryn? That Band&Orchestra Nerd? She is such a music whore."
by me v.2.4 December 22, 2008
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