A person who dips there fingers in everyone else's cake. The cake being an album or genre of music. These people only listen to top 40 music to make themselves appear cool and hip. When really they are just a bunch of n00bs who dont know what sounds good.
They commonly just take the best songs of an album and come to the conclusion that the rest is shit. They take the one song and sing it to death to ruin the entire album for everyone else.
- they are the lowest form of music listeners
Wow this album sucks theres only one good song on it. Im going to listen to it over and over and sing it out of pitch and tune.
Leave me alone you fucking music slut
The top40 music is so awesome i have no brain of my own.
by ScurryInertia September 06, 2005
Top Definition
A person who listens to only the current popular music, regardless of its quality. Some are likely to criticize those who hold interest in any music outside of the mainstream.
Al-"Fuck man, no one listens to the shit you listen to."
Steve-"Shut up Al, you're such a music slut."
by BryanJ October 18, 2003
1. one who listens only to music that they find enjoyable displaying little to no patronage, respect, or knowledge of who the artist(s) who produce such wonderful sounds (i.e. paying no attention to popularity). 2. one who could care less about what the name of their favorite songs are, who the artists are that sing them, or the record companies that produce them. As long as the music sounds great, they are listening, and on to the next one. (Disclaimer, the term “slut” is in no way intended to imply gender i.e. applies both to male or female equally but rather to assimilate with the selfish act of engaging in sex without any sense of loyalty or commitment).
Q: Hey Jay, who sings this?
A: Don't know, don't care, its good though right!
R: Jay you're such a music slut.
by Skiprock October 12, 2007
A music slut is some one who musically speaking takes what ever comes his/her way. They like pretty much all music genres and are willing to listen to anything.
Some one who is always willing to jim into anothers ipod regardless of what they are listening to - that is a music slut.
by MUSICSLUT91 March 21, 2006
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