pullin your nuts out and droppin them on a bitches forehead
1. "hey man, jacquelyn is sleeping, be quiet!"
2. "hell naw, im gonna go in there and mushroom stamp the fuck out of her face!"
1. "do that ish...hold up, let me get the camera!"
by Robby V. October 21, 2009
When a man slaps a woman on some part of her body with his member.
Her "what are you doing?"
Him "Giving you a mushroom stamp, bitch!"
by mushroom stamper October 10, 2007
When a a dude and chick have anal sex and when the guy pulls out, poop is on his dick and he slaps the girl on the cheek with his dick removing all of the poop on his dick and leaving it on her face in the shape of a mushroom.
Jamie: "Dude, David's mushroom stamps hurt!! He hits you so hard with his cock!"

Vanessa: "I like to take a Mushroom Stamp on the tounge."
by Dyaln (triip) Herzberg January 09, 2009
Placing the head of your Johnson on an unsuspecting person.
I waited till Gina passed out, then I mushroom stamped that bitvh.
by Fo T Wada February 22, 2008
the mark left when one hits their partner in the face with their dick after thuroughly buttsexing them and having a poop covered dipstick, leaving a mushroom shaped mark on their head from the remaining fecal matter.
the AQ krew gangbanged wade and they all mushroom stamped him afterwards
by Ramboyantone March 06, 2007
The stamp usualy worn by hookers after a rough night.
Ohhhhh girl, I gotta wash this mushroom stamp off my cheek. But I made fity bucks.
by {E-Z}Ryda February 08, 2003
A variation of teabagging where the bagger first marinates his undercarriage in a viscous substance such as barbeque sauce or ketchup. The goal is to leave a mushroom shaped mark on the victim.
After a quick trip to the condiment counter you are all set to deliver a mushroom stamp
by lakedaimon@comcast.net November 24, 2006

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