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when a gay male slaps his penis on the forehead of another male, marking him as his sex slave with a mushroom-shaped mark.
During sex he slapped his penis on his partners face leaving a mushroom stamp.
by Skippy1970 July 23, 2012
Using the head of a penis and smacking someone in the face leaving behind a mark in the skin that looks like a mushroom.
My friend fell asleep so I gave him a mushroom stamp;
I gave my girlfriend a mushroom stamp during a BJ
by OuttaSight OuttaMind December 26, 2011
When you take your weiner and slap it on a girls a**.
"I gave Jessey a Mushroom Stamp to let her know who's boss!"
by lovedthetowels October 15, 2009
the mark left on ones body when smacked with the head of a penis.
I smacked my dick on her forehead and left a mushroom stamp on her.
by kingtoocan August 29, 2009
a large mushroom shaped mark created by the effect of a dick-slap straight to a face or more specifically cheek and forehead region.
Freddy got pissed at his girlfriend. he then proceeded to give her a large mushroom stamp.
by yjedagrasil June 18, 2009
to leave a mushrooom shape on a girls face after slapping her with your shlong
tori schmus got mushroom stamped by two guys at once.
by huegerecsion May 12, 2009
The mark or bruise left after slapping a girl forcefully with your dick. (Usually after oral sexual intercourse)
Guy 1: Dude! Look at your girlfriend's face!!

Guy 2: Ohh yeah, thats nothing just mushroom stamped her last night. No biggy.

Guy 1: Holy fuck man! That had to hurt!

Guy 2: Yeah, just at first.

(Both laugh)
by MattDiver March 05, 2011