Originated from some poor soul's obsession with the band, Muse. To go "muselive" means to "go into insomnia, develop a nervous twitch and obsess about aqua dildos"
Heh, that Britney, she's gone muselive, like.
by Tom March 28, 2005
Top Definition
'one of the best fansites out there' - Chris Wolstenholme (muse bassist). Muselive is a fansite that includes a large collection of live muse bootlegs as well as rare muse songs which can be downloaded. It has over thirty thousand members, all hailing from across the globe. It has come third in the DMA awards 04 for best unnoficial fansite in the world. Muse have been known to use the site in order to communicate with the fans and leave cryptic puzzles for the members to solve.
lets go on muselive.com
by anonamous001 October 02, 2006
Extremley Popular Muse Fansite
Extremley Shite Muse Fansite
Lets all go on MuseLive and be told what to do all the time!!!
by admin March 28, 2005
Pooey Muse Fan Website. It really is poo...belive me, its poo. Check out UNO, its much better.
MuseLive is poo, honestly it is. Don't even bother going to MuseLive.com, its poo.
by admin March 28, 2005
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