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muhs-uhl wur-ship noun, verb, -shiped, -shiping, -shiper
Most commonly practiced with the arm muscles, particularly the biceps, triceps, and shoulders.

1. Looking upon flexed muscles in admiration, as one would do at a bodybuilding contest.

2. A routine of rubbing, caressing, and/or squeezing flexed muscles.

2a. If it's performed in an erotic manner, it might include licking and/or kissing flexed muscles.

3. The enjoyment of feeling your own muscles while you flex them, and admiring their shape.
1. My gym partner and I enjoy armwrestling other people who are lean and defined, just for fun, regardless of who wins or loses, and regardless of gender; because as we watch, we're "muscle-worshipping" the other person's arm as it flexes to win.

2. My gym partner is very eager for our daily routine of mutual muscle-worship.
by Flex-Studio June 07, 2007
vb. also muscle-worshipping,

1. The admiration of muscles.
2. Feeling the tightness and strength of a particular muscle (biceps, triceps, etc.)

Similar to body-worship, but the person being worshipped is flexing his muscles. It's usually not as sexual as body-worship because it's focused mainly on how strong and defined a particular muscle feels; although many people do get aroused by this.

Usually performed by the person who loses in a contest of strength.
After Jim beat Jon arm wrestling, Jim flexed both biceps in a victory pose and made Jon perform muscle-worship on them and feel the definition; then Jon grabbed one bicep ball in each hand, squeezed them with all his might for a full minute, and still couldn't get them to budge. Jon was impressed by Jim's strength, and Jim was impressed at Jon's muscle-worshipping skills!
by paulflexes June 29, 2007
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