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its a bunch of old cars owned by hicks / hillbillies / cowboys and trailer trash people ....
the car gots all sort of power, and are gas guzzlers , but they lack in technology and efficency. they are good in going in straight roads , but are shit on cornering and taking turns
a muscle car is basically any 2 doored / big engine car whihc is made in noth america .....
i would say they are complete pile of shit and they have no chance against the japanese skylines or european mclaren on a track
ford , gmc , chevy , oldsmobile , buick , caddilac , muscle car
by amir2006 October 22, 2005
Unreliable, inferior, bad handling, gas wasting chunks of metal. People who own these cars are usually guys who hate imports, are going through their midlife crises, or are trying to make up for the microscopic size of their dicks. Yet they dont realize that Muscle cars are a dying breed. Get with technology.
"Check out that muscle car, Whoa, the driver has a full head of hair and isnt fat! thats very rare, let me get my camera!"
by Supraman July 01, 2005
A super gay car that is slow as shit and couldn't beat an import to save its life.
Faggot rednecks like to own a muscle car.
by Big Fat Pen15 December 23, 2005
a piece of shit car, that all it does is waste gas....and look like shit
Mustang, Camaro, all that American Crap
by Jack S June 01, 2005