A popular, and possibly one of the coolest toons to ever play Disney's Toontown Online. Muscle Car was a red bunny who commonly was seen in Nutty River, and Toon Valley. His toons were Muscle Car: 126 Laff. Muscle Car:123 Laff. He was also listed in the Top 10 list of most popular toons. He was a kick-ass player.
Man, Muscle Car is so cool.
by Xxbfmvpoison December 30, 2011
A muscle car fast as balls in a straight line, worthless on a track, such as in an actual race.
Muscle car driver: What's handling again?
by Jackmehoffer April 14, 2006
A car that is fast going straight, the fanboys of muscle cars will usually if not always make fun of imports and call them ricers. Muscle cars are only good in straights. The car can't handle for shit. And the drivers think that they are fast because it smokes an import on the quarter mile. If you drive an import, and some muscle car guy approaches you to race. 100% of the time, it's going to be down the nearest straight street.

I think I speak for many when I say I want to see a muscle car keep up with an import on the 20.8km Nurburgring Nordscheilfe race track.
Muscle car guy: Hey, riceboy, wanna race? I'll smoke yo riced up civic.
Import car guy: Okay, lets go to a track?
Muscle car guy: A track? Oh n0ez. Let's go to a drag strip. My car can't turn for shit. I only know how to go straight.
Import car guy: Straight? What the fuck is that. That takes no skill.
Muscle car guy: I only know how to shift gears and step on the pedals. My car doesn't even have a steering wheel.
Import car guy: Fuck it, loser ass muscle car fanboy.

You see, muscle car boys only race in 1 direction, straight.. Put ONE turn in that goddamn race and that muscle car loses. Place those two on the track, sit back and relax as the import accelerates on the turn, and watch the muscle car tear its unreliable ass apart.
by shoebakaa June 24, 2007
an old ass american made in efficent V8 typically owned by red neck, spoiled white boys who get "daddy" to buy it for them there always weigh a fucking ton,loud and slow as death and has the resale value of a fucking scooter that uses a ton of gas and breaks down every five feet. and then they seem suprised when a car with 4 cylinders whips there ass and even with the mods cost less then there "muscle car"
hey i just spend 15000 on a car that cost five and i can beat ur 30000 dollar corevette
by dont need to know July 27, 2005
Cars with sucky engines that have a bad sound. Acura Integras have a higher redline than that of any muscle car. Muscle cars suck.
Did you see that Integra beat that Camaro. The Camaro had evey upgrade, but the Integra had twin turbos.
by Import revolution May 26, 2005
a typical car where young naive, lost, cocky, white boys would drive not knowing shit about cars, and thinks their cars the shit just becuase it beat some riced out import and would get all excited about beating it, thus thinking all imports are crap. well, the sad thing is muscle car fans out there u gotta be joking with ur tin can piece of crap, ugly, unreliable, muscle cars, cuz any import around the same price range will kill it either in the straight away or the curves. actually it doesnt even have to be on the same price range, and would still beat it.

all you dumbass white boys think honda civics, and accords are the only imports out their but think again. there are many imports that can beat mustangs, camaros, novas, gto's, transams, and even corvettes with some mods. and we're only talking about the straights.

some ex will be:(evo9,sti,350z,s2000,type s,skyline,supra twin turbo,wrx,nsxr) so many more to name. and note all these cars with only 2000-4000 dollars in mods or even less will kill all muscle cars.

an evo9 or sti with just a reflash will kill mustangs, transams, and camaros on the drag. and a supercharged s2000 will obliterate almost about anything in the world. corvettes, and almost all muscles will be raped with ease. so you muscles fans out their just admit it that ur cars suck dick. not even white girls like it. too bad all the chicks dig imports. another plus side is that it has style, quality, fuel efficient, light, chick magnets, and handles million times better.

i own a sti and spent only 2300 dollars in mods which includes( vishnu stage 1, used hks turbo back, manual boost control, and a used up pipe, stripped trunk,) running 400 to the crank, and beat a 2006 corvette by one car length in a drag which cost almost twice as much even with all the mods. thats pretty sad you muscle car fans, isnt it. and the conclusion is this. if i can beat a corvette then i can beat about 80% of all stock muscles cars. and in the future more mods are to come and by the end of this year ill be raping all muscles cars in america going at around 11 sec. oh yea and also to mention i dont consider stripped out shit a car. so if any muscle car can go 8 or 9 sec on drag with everything stripped out then its outta the question. hell, i can strip my car, and will be running 9 sec, but then there will be no point in driving a car. its stupid.

so dont even argue any more aiite. its over. nothing to argue about. muscles cars suck no matter what. its the fact. aiite payce.
muscle car: hey wanna race gotta corvette, and i bet i can toy with ur little toy.

stier: ok no problem lets see what u can do you little muscle car boy.( vroom, tires screechh and sti takes off)

muscle car: oh shit where did that lil car go. oh dam its already at the drive thru at mcdonalds. wtf...
by muscle fan August 18, 2006
Another crap ass American made vehicle. Devours large amounts of gas but has no balls. Many faget ass muscle car owners believe they can go fast just because they got a big engine. Please study your laws of physics you faget asses. More mass and more power equals fast car. Less mass and more power equals fastest car.
Math: Muscle Car + Faget Ass Redneck = Slow Car.
by Kao Yang February 22, 2006
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