A performance car that's very different from a sports car. Louder engines with deeper bass, engines from V8 and V10, bolder designs, more naturally performanced, and are classics. However, they're a piece of junk compared to sports cars because they have shitty handling since they're made for drags only and no circuits, heavy as hell from their frames and engines, boring designs, and in the shop more often than on the road. They're also American made cars, while sports cars are American made, Asian made, and European made.
Muscle Car owner: You my car broke down twice and costed me 2 grand to fix it.

Sports Car owner: Wow that's a muscle car you have their. My sports car never had any problems and it's on the road all the time.
by Todd Windmill November 04, 2012
screw what other people are saying. heres the TRUTH! straight from a gearhead. a muscle car is ANY POWER CAR FROM AMERICA in the 1940s to 70s. there are no 80's or 90's muscle cars that are real. it doesnt matter if it is stock or custom. it is a muscle car. there are also muscle cars today. THE CHARGER, THE MUSTANG, CORVETTE, ECT.
the ford mustang is a muscle car.
by infamous aaron April 23, 2006
A car built by the hardknocks for the hardknocks. These cars (mostly built between the 50's and the early 80's)have more HP and torque than 20 rice burners combined. With insperational designs and epic engines. Not to be confused with an import engine (which sounds way to much like the vibrators i commonly see on porn movies. NO, im talking about the earth trembling low pitch rumble of a V8.
If that kid werent such a stupid mother fucker, he would have spent his money restoring a muscle car. But instead, he somehow spent 50 grand on a muffler and a paint job for his moms honda.
by burrier September 21, 2004
Ground pounding throaty v8's built for performance. So all you little import fags put your Fast and furious tapes away, and come get your ass kicked at any race track you homos.
Driving a import is like the special olympics... Win or lose you're still a retard.
by RiceKiller December 31, 2003
Before you can play hate on imports, you have to see a real tuner. Not a civic, corolla, camry, silvia, focus, or anything like that. Usually tuners don't have many fancy aftermarket brands put on the side, and they'll always kill rice burners with all the stickers. Tuners include supras, evos, skylines, stis, 3000gts, rx7s, and S2000s.

Muscle cars aren't always poor handling, gas guzzling sports cars, at least not the newer ones. Those that say imports suck are the ones who those air scoops that do nothing more than block the view. Or it could be one of those who think they can drift because the car slides like a bitch. Tuners do NOT need massive engines to drift. Some of the older muscle cars were Skylarks, Mustangs , Camaros/firebirds, or chargers. Today's muscle cars are mostly Mustangs, Camaros, or Challengers.
Camaro driver: Hey, how did you beat that 69 mustang?
3000GT driver: The race had turns, but I still was on his ass on the straights.
Camaro driver: It's so foolish for muscle cars to challenge tuners to race with turns, I'm gonna mod my suspension.
by DyingDeath November 13, 2009
Badass class of cars created almost exclusively by americans. The prime of the muscle car was during the 60s-70s where cars were often equiped with the biggest engines possible. The 80s saw a slow of muscle cars due to fuel prices, and the ford mustang even lowered it's standards to allow a 4 cylinder engine, defyng the "theres no replacement for displacement". This was corrected in the 90s there was a decent revival of the old legends, mainly the camaro, firebird, and mustang holding the banner for affordable, badass, and extreme speed for money. Although most muscle cars died by the late 90s, they are being revived currently and address the old issue of "american cars can't handle" to make them the ultimate in affordable sprts cars,;unless the communist president and current lord of the U.S. manages to stop their produciton and implement hybrid cars. The main competitor for the muscle cars is the imported "eco/sports" car, aka ricers, who reckon a couple stickers makes up for the torque lost by their pure horsepower engines.
Muscle car legends include: Corvette, Camaro, Firebird, Charger, Challenger, Mustang, Baracuda, Monte Carlo, Nova, Cougar, and many more American made rear wheel drive 300+ cube v8s built for pure horsepower.. Some english cars approach the muscle car ideology and may also be considered muscle cars in certain company.
Typical person 1: American muscle cars are redneck rods that only go fast in a straight line and are inferior to european and asian tecnolodgy

Informed person 1: Yeah... Ok.. Please look up Nurburgring (one of the trickiest turning courses in the world) lap times.. Oh wait.. the fastest production car lap time is a corvette? And your 250,000+ car placed where? yeah that sucks for you.
by Bill Y September 15, 2009
A muscle car is any vehicle, typically from the 1940s-1970s that follows one basic formula: a mid-sized or compact car with a larger motor than nessicary to motivate the car. There are many misconceptions about the muscle car, very typically seen in this day and age. among them:
-muscle cars are not, in fact, only from the narrow period between approximatly 1965-1971.
-the typical muscle car was made for no other purpose than going very fast in a straight line. short of spending a fortune in upgrades, a muscle car will NOT pull .8 G's on the skidpad, put down any notable numbers on the slalom or figure 8, or achieve anything but a fast ET.
-assuming muscle cars can easily romp so-called "import cars". in 9 out of 10 cases, a muscle car will easily be outdone by all tests by a new car except possibly the quarter mile. This is NOT because the muscle cars are slow, inefficent, or any other nonsense. the simple fact is, these cars are fossils, some over 40 years old. technology has made many leaps and bounds in those last 40 years, so it would be shameful if a new car could not beat a muscle car.
-All in all, muscle cars are very cool cars, that in my personal opinion, look better than many of the new cars today. the mythos surrounding them today does nothing more than slander them, and even further skyrocket thier price, which is CERTAINLY not nessicary. so please people, only view them for what they are: cool, old, quarter mile stormers.
poor little uninformed person #1: YO MAN, MY '70 CHEVELLE WITH A HYDRA-MATIC AND A 350 WILL KICK THAT STI's ASS!!!
friend: dont embarress yourself man. even with a top-of-the-line muscle car, such as a 427 cobra jet mustang with a 4 speed, youd still get thrashed. hes got almost 40 years of high tech on you. just be content that your car looks a hell of a lot better than his little anonymous little box, no matter how many LEDs or plastic bits he puts on it.
by Toronado13 October 17, 2006
There are many different definitions of musclecar (see the two word spelling: muscle car). Common elements are
American + 2 door + V8 + rear wheel drive. Some people even add a date/time/year element (silly, I think). Some people add a price element, ie, a musclecar provides good power at an affordable price, whereas a supercar provides good power, but is very expensive.

I propose that a musclecar is simply any car with muscle, ie, a good power-to-weight ratio. I suggest 10 pounds or less per horsepower. Therefore, a MINIMUM requirement would be:

2,000 lbs. = 200+ hp.
3,000 lbs. = 300+ hp.

To go with the economy idea, say $100 per hp. Therefore, the 2,000 lb., 200 hp car would cost $20,000. The 3,000 lb., 300 hp car would cost $30,000. Unfortunately, the $ amounts would have to be adjusted with inflation.

Maybe we could come up with a definition that does NOT need modification with time, rating the musclecar as a percentile of the new car population available that year.

We could say the 0-60 and quarter mile times must be better than 75% of the other new cars available that year.

We could say the price should be less than 10% above the average price of a new car that year. We could reserve "supercar" for more expensive cars, and raise the performance parameters to 90%+.
by Jeff Goven July 02, 2006
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