First off
if you say that muscle cars are stupid, slow, crappy, redneck cars, or technologically inferior you are a total jackass and you need to go get into your honda civic with the body kit and the huge fin that makes it look like it can go over 110 and go drive off a cliff. Skylines, NSX's etc are acceptable cars but are still pieces of shit in comparison to most muscle cars. Your car sounds like shit, probably because i can go down and buy a soda bottle that holds more than the entire motor of your "hi performance" car.
A muscle car is a real mans car. in order to better understand this lets go into the definition of "man"
a man is a male human being with balls and a dick.
if you dont have the balls to drive a real car then dont try to soup it up to make you feel like you actually are adequate in bed, you arent
real mens cars are muscle cars (PREFERABLY fords but any american made high horsepower vehicle is elligable.)
if its made in japan
its a piece of shit
and if you dont have respect for americans because our cars "suck" then move to fucking japan, cuz no one wants you here.
You are a ricing little bitch, 1.6 liters??? my soda holds more than that. Hell, i can piss more than that. The 11th commandment is there is no substitute for cubic inches, so go get a clue you little bitches. you show me a japanese car with over 2000 horsepower and then we'll talk. There are several muscle cars that have made that much and even more so go suck a fat one.
by Bro Hater April 10, 2006
The kind of car that just blew your doors off. Why all the muscle car bashing? Have you ever owned one? driven one? I doubt it. Muscle cars were built from about 1964 to 1972. Camaros and Mustangs are not muscle cars, they are generally refered to as pony cars. Muscle cars are mid sized cars with large displacement engines. A muscle car in the truest sense is a big block V8 car. A muscle car can't have a 6 cylinder and be a true muscle car, even if it is the same body style. Just because you drive a pile of import crap doesn't mean you should bad mouth real pieces of automotive history. They were built decades ago and are still faster and worth more than your import car. Exhaust tips, graphics, stereo systems and spoilers don't make your car faster. You think trailer trash drive muscle cars? Have you seen the prices of muscle cars lately? Many are worth far more than the house you live in.
muscle car chevelle gto big block fairlane skylark
V8, Rice pounding, road hugging, 10 second cars that dominate that road.
My 1970 Pontiac Firebird Formula 400 with a 461 and 519hp will KILL any import on the Road today and for the rest of my life.
by John Perry December 20, 2003
A muscle car is a mid-sized, generally American car from the early 1950s mid 1970s. Muscle cars are generally blessed with V8s, high horsepower, alot of tourqe and a great power-to-weight ratio. Some of the most popular models are the Corvette, Mustang, El Camino, Thunderbird, Firebird and Chevelle. The original muscle cars were genrally lower priced but when they returned in the 1980s and 90s, they were more expensive and sometimes less powerful. Anyway, most muscle cars do not need modification to reach high preformance but if they are modified, they will kick ass. The astetics of the car is ussually left stock, but if it is changed, it will be througgh decals and paint only, almost never a body-kit.
Muscle Car vs. Ricer
Joe: I got a pimped out tricked out Civic can go real fast, I bet i could beat you.
Doug: Hell no, my 35 year old Charger will chew you up, it's got a Hemi.
Joe: well mine looks pimp
Doug: I didn't know pink bumpers with a Boeing 747's wing on the back.
by northendwhitetrash May 20, 2007
A group of American made cars that were produced between the late-50's and early-80's. The engines were usually high horsepower and high torque and when tuned correctly, got between 15 and 30 mpg. Typically, they ran 11 to 14 seconds on the quarter mile and speed up to 160mph, stock. Most weighed between 2500lbs and 4500lbs (Many were a bit lighter than todays cars) Even though considered obsolete by todays standards, A restored muscle car would be worth $10,000 - $150,000, and some muscle cars have sold for upwards of $3 million at auctions.
" Contrary to popular belief, not all American cars made in the 60's and 70's were considered a muscle car "
by Peiceofpaper February 07, 2006
Term used to describe American or Australian model cars hosting large powerful motors produced between 1960's-1970's. These are TRUE cars that will tear up tarmac with the force of a huge roaring V8 with hardcore torque with the absence of cheesey gadgets and microships that infest the weak 4 cylinder rice rockets that plague the roads these days.
Muscle Cars :
Pontiac GTO (holden monaro)
Buick Skylark
Chev Chevelle
Plymouth roadrunner
Holden Monaro GTS
Holden Torana

by schizer December 07, 2006
Any of a number of powerful automobiles with front engines and rear wheel drive produced from the early '60s until the present. To be considered a true muscle car requires around at least a 1hp/10lbs ratio, generally speaking. Some lighter muscle cars - especially those from the late 60's - are better described as 'Ponycars', because they were very compact and light, similar in design to Ford's Mustang. There were a lot of very powerful but heavy musclecars, and debate exists over which one was the 'first'. Some would say that the old Chrysler 300 qualifies, while others say that the Pontiac GTO was the first true musclecar. The Australians even had a few 6-cylinder cars with blistering performance back in the 60's that also qualify, so the term 'muscle car' doesn't just just refer to V-8 vehicles. Regardless, most people would not consider any 4-cylinder high performance vehicle to be a muscle car; they are more accurately described as sports cars usually.
1964 Pontiac GTO, 1967 Mercury Cougar, 1969 Javelin, 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle, 1967 Dodge Charger

- note - There were many different engines available for these cars. Some of those engines lacked the performance to make even these specific models 'muscle cars'. A stock 6-cylinder Chevelle would not be considered a muscle car, for example.
by Technomancer June 18, 2006
A car built between 1960 and 1980, usually has a large 6 cylinder engine (179 - 250ci) or a small V8 (308ci - 350ci) or a large V8 (396ci - 454ci)
Usually isn't fuel injected, the hot 6's usually have triple carburettors, the V8's one or two. Me being from Australia might have a different view to people from the USA but we still love our muscle cars. Will always win in an accident, I had an accident in my Torana, got the 350 Chev in it fixed and she was good again. None of this plastic S**t you get today with the crappy turbos, my Torana makes 300hp stock without turbo's, a Skyline makes 320hp with 2 turbos to make up for its crappy displacement.
And they still can't beat me!
In Australia, a muscle car is a Holden Torana 1971 - 1979, which came in 2 door until 1975 then became 4 door or 2 door hatch. Engines were a 186ci or 202ci Holden 6, 253ci Holden V8, 308ci Holden V8 or 350ci Chev V8 (V8's after 1975, not before) There are many more but I would state my favourite.
In America, a Chevrolet Camaro 1969 - 1972, a Dodge Charger R/T 426 Hemi (a beauty of a car), a Plymouth Barracuda.
by Ben Vahanian March 20, 2006
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