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A muscle station can be any group of 4 or more men (often blokes), congregated around an object with arms folded.

Valid objects include:

Anything that is broken that one of the group does not know how to fix.
The engine bay of a car
A motorbike
Bar tables
A television showing an important sporting event.
A female or group of females (often attractive)
Other muscle stations (Beware: Do not attempt to set up more than two separate muscle stations around the same object, this will result in conflict.)

The rules of the muscle station are unspoken as all worthy men know these rules instinctively.
There is often a feeling of equality and harmony whilst in a muscle station and any attempt to disrupt the group may be met with the equivalent of a look of disapproval : ಠ_ಠ
Conversations like these may immediately preclude the setting up of a muscle station:

Conversation Example 1:

Bloke 1: "This motorcycle appears to have a misfire in the third cylinder"
Bloke 2: "Spark plug"
Bloke 3: "Fuel filter"
Bloke 4: "Let me take a look"
<A Muscle station is formed while the group silently assess Bloke 4's performance and mechanical prowess>

Example 2:
With Barbecues, the muscle station will often form prior to any conversation taking place.

Bloke 1: "Did you see that ludicrous display last night?"
Bloke 2: "What was Wenger thinking sending Walcott on so early?"
Bloke 3: "Thing about Arsenal is, they always try to walk it in."
Bloke 4: "I put a pony on Liverpool...etc"
Bloke 5: "Dude, you're burning the steak!"
<A comment like this would render the muscle station extremely unstable>
by pwnd_lol September 29, 2009
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