A classic automobile with chrome bumpers,stonking big powerful engine,a car with street cred.
T series falcons do NOT meet this criteria,even when cruising through oxford street.
Nothing from the AU range or post 1976 qualifies as a muscle car
by bigbootsahead December 27, 2007
bad handling, under-engineered, over powered, polluting, unreliable, piece of over-rated american crap
delusional american number 1: yeehoo bob! were goin' faster than a scalded hog, in mah here noo muscle car!
delusional american number 2:gee whizz bob, we sure are, but i never, whats that!?
delusional american number 1: i believe thats a corner bob, oh no were gonna die!!
by laughingatamericans June 24, 2010
american cars from 1964-1972. a 73 or 74 might slide in there but its rare. NO NEW CARS WILL EVER BE MUSCLE CARS, AS MUCH AS THEY TRY TO BE. Your SRT-4 or your 2006 mustang is not a muscle car. you are fooling yourself. if you have not experienced serious power, you don't know what fast is. period.

Here's the food chain:
1.) muscle cars
2.) pony/sporty cars
3.) ricers

muscle cars have their rivalries between eachother but at least they are in the same league. picking on a mustang is like a pro baseball player picking on a AA player. and a muscle car picking on a ricer is like a pro picking on a little leager.
everytime a ricer trys to race me, i dont race him at all. its boring. every time a mustang kid trys to race me, i just wait at the light, let him go, then blow by him later. the only cars i race are other muscle cars. everything else is at the track.
by osama b October 29, 2007
Great cars but do to there big cc engines led them to less demand and not being sold worldwide hence not many people in the world knowing many of them.
Do to the cost of petrol and compulsory insurance in many countries being high Muscle type cars where in practical,leaving the door open to allow other cars to be made popular in the world mainly Japanese version even tuned down many where open to tuning there engines to high bhp for little cost on some cars.
Due to this many Americans feel angry that there cars are less popular and talk about how there old cars are better although again,this isnt always the case due to power being released same as and more BHP from really small cc Japanese engines.
Knowing that Japanese engines have been detuned this is there defence and pretend they dont know so they can say there BHP is more overall.And often compare against low cc imports only.
Overall great cars and offer a lot of power and offer great looks, let down by owners and fans making such a stance with them,and fact not opinion suffer once leave a straight line.
Muscle car great looks great power.

My muscle can beat your skyline if still running detuned which is fair for me.

a corner hold on.
by MR JDM January 12, 2008
An all-American V8 rear wheel drive car from the 60-70s. Generally an affordable model with a huge engine. Not known for comfort, safety, or efficiency. They were, however, long-lasting, and reliable.

Anyone driving a muscle car today is simply enjoying the raw power of the large displacement engine.

Muscle car drivers have no sense of irony, they want the fastest car so they get the one with the biggest engine so they can be unquestionably the fastest.

Import drivers enjoy the quiet, comfortable, reliable, efficient and nimble nature of imports. If an import driver adds performance parts and races the car he/she understands the inherent irony in doing so.

In a nutshell, muscle car cars are for guys who get off easy, they like to cum in the first 12 seconds just like their daddy did.

Imports cars are for people who have more considerations when purchasing a car. No one has purchased a Civic just for the purpose of out-running a Mustang.

Import enthusiasts have to disrespect muscle cars because comparable American cars such as the Cavalier have no defenders.
Muscle car driver: "I wish my daddy could see me smokin this 1.8 liter commuter car car with my 400hp V8, he'd be so proud of me."

Import driver: "What the hell is this guy doing? I just need to turn left at the next light"
by vg30e May 01, 2007
Shit cars, made by shit American car companies. At best, they drive fast in a straight line, but that's it. They handle like boats, and don't stop. Interiors are made from cheap plastics, and the overall build quality is shit. Much like a typical American car.

Driven by idiots who think going fast in a straight line with an automatic transmission requires skill and makes them good drivers.
Person A: Look at my sweet Chevy, does a 1/4 in 10s. You can't mess with a "muscle car."

Person B: *sigh* If you think you and your car are so good, go drive around the Nurburgring. You'll end up in the ditch shitting your pants on the first slight turn.
by P.J. from planet Earth September 09, 2008
over rated american cars that are too heavy, have crap suspension, and accelerate like a fiat because they are so heave, plus need a 427 or 429 to make 400+ hp when porsche can make 400+ hp with a 219 (3.6 litre)
wow, nice 67 camaro (lol, dumb muscle cars)
by W35M4N June 17, 2007
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