A pathetically gay phrase that andom twats, battys, and wannab gangster gimps say when they wanna be what was it.............wicked? gimps.
Person1: I'm gonna murk ya if you dont stop chatting shit!

Person 2: You gimp,
by Ben Marshall March 16, 2005
To sneek a quick look at another mans cock when he is asleep. Only a man can murk/merk another man. If the murkee wakes or knows of the murk/merk then it is not a murking. The average man is murked 32 times in his life time.
The act of murking is for the murker to achieve a secret sense of empowerment over the murkee. Used by many through history to gain psychological advantage over ones competitor.
It is well documented that David murked/merked Goliath before their epic battle, only to find that Goliath was not so goliath in all departments. This is the key factor in Davids victory.
Used in everyday life to discribe an act of disgracing someone.
(v) "step back and prepare to be murked"

by Chris Swinburn May 04, 2007
plain and simple, milk, in the dirty souf, aka M-Town, aka MEMPHIS
JEROME: Hey main i got cotton mouth like a mutha fucka.
REGGIE: Well, SHit main get you some choclate murk!
by heAVY v AKA THA CHRIS F November 05, 2006
to have rough, mindblowin, tiresome, body tremblin, freaky sex
Carl: Dude what's up? Why you look so jacked up?
Jeff: Man, me and Tina murked last night.
Carl: Oh shit. You lucky bastard.
by Ms. Raqi February 03, 2008
skin in a game of football to murk someone is to dribble past them in a way that embarrases them
Ben has the ball and he megs mike
by Benshee November 17, 2007
to leave .... possibly derived from how aligators dissapear into the murky water ......
"I'm about to murk, I say peace to the family
She hop up like ‘how you gonna leave before you dance with me?" - mos def from "miss fat booty"
by piss'n while walk'n bak-wordz December 13, 2005
To steal or take something from somebody else.
'I just murked his car'
by millie.xo June 02, 2005
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