A pathetically gay phrase that andom twats, battys, and wannab gangster gimps say when they wanna be what was it.............wicked? gimps.
Person1: I'm gonna murk ya if you dont stop chatting shit!

Person 2: You gimp,
by Ben Marshall March 16, 2005
To kill, rob, take over, be physically dominant over anything
Im gunna Murk his ass if he gets in my grill. i will Murk that Gas station in a milisecond. i murk on desert vista high school. we be murkin through the city in a tonka toy.
by illdaze October 02, 2009
Slang To Kill. Usually used during gameing time..or any other game
Dude I Just Murked That Dude With A Plasma Grenade
by MikeCAPIsGAY January 21, 2009
To be eliminated, executed, or smashed by great defeat. Can refer to life or a game (video or sport), but nothing else.
Correct: Billy Costigan (DiCaprio) was murked in an elevator in "The Departed."

Wrong: I murked that bowl of oatmeal for breakfast.
by Titanic1912 December 03, 2008
Murk can be used for any verb, however is most commonly used for "to leave" "to drink" "to steal" and to get away quickly
"yo, lets murk, im tired of being here"
"yo. i murked that drank"
"i murked some kids ipod"
"the cops are here, lets murk"
by wmcorkindale817 October 07, 2007
to kill or badly beat up someone or to kill a suituation or a joke.
1)"I'm gonna murk you"
2)Person1: "Wouldn't it be funny if she came in with a taser"
Person 2:"It would be funny if she came in dressed in leather"
Person 1:Nah you just murked it!
by lil tazz February 25, 2007
-To kill someone or physically beat someone badly.

-To run really fast
-"I'll still murk ya mans/-Styles P"

-"I caught murk on that kid who tried to keep up with me"
by NeezyHollaHtv January 12, 2005
If something is "Murks" then it´s simply shit. usually the product of someone´s inability to do just the thing he/she/them tried to do. Can also be used for describing something: he totally murksed it.
Person1: Look at that picture th artist sold for 4000.
Person2: What the fuck?! That´s total MURKS! A drugged ape would do much better!

Person1: Heard of Bill proposing to Jane?
Person2: Yeah he toally murksed it. I can till see how swollen his left cheek is.
by Soul76 October 19, 2003
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