A pathetically gay phrase that andom twats, battys, and wannab gangster gimps say when they wanna be what was it.............wicked? gimps
Person1: I'm gonna murk ya if you dont stop chatting shit!

Person 2: You gimp.
by Ben Marshall March 16, 2005
1. To be beaten up/To beat someone up/To beat someone so much that their appearance is altered

2. To be extremely unattractive/disfigured, as if you had been beaten up
I was in a scrap yesterday, I got murked!

He's gunna get murked!

I went on a blind date yesterday, turns out the girl was murked!
by c-Yorkridz November 21, 2010
To delete or edit a comment on the internet, so that no one else can read what you originally wrote.
"I don't know why these guys are arguing; I guess one of them murked the post that started this whole fight."
by GregNog July 09, 2009
to do something exceptionally well,
'goodluck in your exam, you're gonna murk it'

'I totally murked that job interview'
by CLP97 March 16, 2008
Mark up; to wreck something..destroy something
it would be nice to murk up the fresh snow
the bottom of my snowboard is so murked up
by Kerry-lynn January 24, 2008
verb: To be bukkaked, often while sobbing to loud music.
After having his girlfriend throw her panties at Brandon Boyd, Jason asked to be murked to the song "Pardon Me" in hopes of forgetting the pain.
by Brr12341 November 19, 2007
Misspelled. See merc, short for "mercenary." Merc means to leave or to kill.
"I killed that guy in the swamp."
"You mean you merced him in the murk?"
by inkdrinker April 22, 2005
Nick Talko
Did u see that Murk? Yeah I saw Nick
by Swag master323232 May 01, 2011

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