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1. noun: A rape and murder committed essentially as part of a single criminal event
"She's Dead. They found her naked in a dumpster with a lot of semen in her vagina. Looks like another murderfuck."
#rape #murder #fuck #sex #crime
by Phil_INTJ December 04, 2006
When two persons engage in this form of sexual intercourse, one of the partners murders the other just before or shortly after ejaculation.
Sharon Stone’s character (Catherine Tramell) in the movies 'Basic Instinct' and 'Basic Instinct 2' pulled a few murder fucks when she fucked guys and pulled out an ice pick from under the bed and stabbed them right in their necks just before they ejaculated.
#kill fuck #death fuck #murder fuk #murder fock #murder fu*k
by The Mikey Show April 02, 2006
A word used when one is so exasperated that he or she has nothing else to say. The most serious of all interjections.
I just got shot in the dick, ahh murderfuck!
#murder #fuck #murderfuck #murder-fuck #killfuck #fuckmurder
by michael austin moody mosher October 19, 2008
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