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When a vehicle has both black paint and black aftermarket wheels. The window tint should also be really dark and other aftermarket accessories such as black taillight covers etc. should aid in blacking out the ride.
That escalade is truly murdered out man.
by B-DIDDY69 December 18, 2006
1010 236
FLAT BLACK/Matte Black paint job/rims...headlights, tail lights, windows need to be blacked out as well, no gloss can be on the car....
"damn son!!!! ur ride is not only blacked out, but its MURDERED OUT son!!! DO WORK!!"
by Noskies September 23, 2008
326 190
When a car is completely modified and the color BLACK is the only color used throughout the entire vehicle
Guy 1- "hey bro did you see that NOVA?"
Guy2- "yeah it was completely murdered out"
by ...(.)(.)...:)(:):(:):(:)(:) December 06, 2013
6 0
to spraypaint something, usually a vehicle, flat black. excluding lights, mirrors, and windows for obvious reasons, but including everything from rims to door pannels and trim logos
suv and scooters from MTV's Rob and Big are murdered out
by jon92 July 11, 2008
169 225
Special edition g-shock watch painted entirely flat black with a purple light. It appears to be completely "murdered out". Very popular amongst the homosexual crowd of G-shock users in miami florida.
1. Hey look how murdered out my g-shock is!

2. The new G-shock is so murdered out.

3. I got this G-shock because its completely murdered out.

4. Hey splanche is that the new murdered out gshick?
by Sorremakaplancha PLANCH! April 12, 2010
62 163
to have murderized so much that it now seems boring and you don't want to do it anymore.
don't worry he murderized a few people he's gotta be 'murdered out' by now.
by Kathy R February 06, 2008
82 518