NYC term for kind bud (high grade marijuana).
"I just copped a bag of murders. We are getting so FUBAR!"
by TLPNightwatcher June 10, 2005
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1.To kill another human, often used in a not litteral form, mearly implying a beat down
2.A group of crows
1.If you dont back off ill be forced to murder ur ass!
2.I have been following a murder around for the past week, as part of my study on birds.
by steve June 14, 2003
1.A flock of Crows
2. killing of another creature
there was a murder in the corn field
by Nore August 28, 2005
What annoying, whiney, and probably unemployed vegetarians call eating meat or wearing fur.
"Fur is murder! Love your animal friends! Lobster Liberation!!"
by Deering May 06, 2007
to completely destroy and embarrass someone lyrically in a freestyle battle or on a track.
Whyte Out murdered his competition on 106th and Park's Freestyle Fridays.

"Eminem murdered you on your own shit, you a dick-riding faggot..." -Nas (to Jay-Z)
by Nick D June 04, 2003
A hobby that kills time along with its victims in the process.
"So, what's your favorite hobby?"

by HellsingDMC November 01, 2014
To take the life of another human being intentionally, and it's usually premeditaded, which means planning.
I had to murder my fucking girlfriend because the fucking whore was cheating on me with a guy who had more better looks and money than me.
by Mr.Killa March 08, 2009
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