Like "yuppie" but middle aged. AKA Middle-aged Urban Professional
There were so many muppies at Home Depot on Saturday, I couldn't find a parking spot.
by Lindsay Van April 01, 2006
Top Definition
Middle-age urban professionals, aging yuppies, aging metrosexuals...typical preppy or conservative attire, Starbuck consumers, iPhone owners, luxury car drivers, town house or condo in the city, and regularly posting selfies on FaceBook while on vacation.
George Clooney, Steve Carell, Brian Williams, Barak Obama are examples of high end muppies. preppy yuppie professional urban middle-age muppie
by classifier September 05, 2013
Like "yuppie" but metro sexual. AKA Metro sexual Urban Professional.

Metro sexual has overpowered middle aged men in urban professionalism within the past 5 years. The terms popularity has grown largely, and is known as a major target group for products in todays society.
The muppie is in the bathroom shaving.

The target audience we are aiming towards for our hair product is more the muppie than your average yuppie.
by Kelci MacDonald March 19, 2007
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