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(verb) to finger-fuck a small person so vigorously that through the combined motion or their own climax, they flail around and yelp like a muppet. The person fingering is the muppeter, the person being fingered is the muppetee. Past tense: muppeted.
I hooked up with Janine last night. She was so into it I ended up muppeting her.
by Edward Lindemunder November 29, 2005
When you put your hand so far up a girl's vagina (or boy's rear) that you can manipulate their mouth to move with your fingers.
Holy shit that girl is so hot. I would spend all day Muppeting the SHIT out of her.
by Bear von Erck April 21, 2011
Verb. When you fist someone and while your fist is still in them, you say in a high pitched voice "helllooooooo."
"When I was muppeting her, I said "HELLLOOOOO, HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!"
by MagsG June 16, 2013
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