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A pet name for somebody you like a lot.
Literal meaning; monkey's uncle
"Hello munkle, how are you?" says Amy.
"I'm fine thanks honey." replies Emily.
by funky_munkle May 28, 2005
23 4
When one is related to one's self
You are your own mothers uncle's brother's cousin (Munkle)
by Munkle November 01, 2013
0 0
A large person that is so large that it is difficult to tell where the gunt ends and the kankles end.
Any fat person that has to wear a moo moo instead of pants because their munkle gets in the way.
by sten May 12, 2007
5 8
Verb. To grab or otherwise manipulate something with prehensile toes.
A useful application for monkey toes.
Her arms loaded with groceries, Sue slipped out of her sandal and munkled the keys from the doormat up to her hand.
Hey, could you munkle that remote to me?
by Lauren Penner August 16, 2006
4 11