Similar to having a case of the munchies except you mean you have a craving for a dead woman's vaginal secretions, and other material that "cums" out when you "munge" a girl. *Note: that this is an acquired taste.
Man, I'm getting kind of hungry, I'm getting a case of the "mungies".
by Richard January 07, 2004
Top Definition
an awesome person
dude, that ken is fucking mungy.
by matty poo December 29, 2002
Cosy and cuddly, Feely
This dressing gown is mungy, makes me feel warm.
by Sally Patterson October 07, 2007
To be doing nothing much at all. Used to describe what you intend to do or have done within a time period.

What did you do today?

nothing much at all I had a mungy day just pootling around.
by Tinkerbell & Squidge March 19, 2007
1. n/ An obese, hairy male who smells musty and reads a lot of pornography.

2. adjective/ Something that is gross, foul or unpleasant to look at.

3. A stupid, moronic or ill-informed person.
1: "That Mungy looking dude is a friggin' pervert"

2: "Aww bro that's Mungy as! Gross!!"

3: "Man you don't know shit. You're just a dumb Mungy.
by sahboh11 August 22, 2011
Gross, nasty. Chewy but wet, tasteless. Especially for food or textures.
My mom can't cook at all. Her pot roasts are all mungy and overcooked.
by eliz1bef November 23, 2011
1. A retarted person (offensive)
2. Someone who does something stupid
1. "That's where the mungys go to school"
2. "I can't believe he did that, what a mungy"
by gord September 04, 2004
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