A very nice sweet individual. Those who are thoughful and are full of love and energie. Mungiecakes are the sweetest men... everyone women wants one.
Mungiecake= K
by LoveA May 27, 2011
Top Definition
A mungie cake is a derogotory term that Canadians of European descent use to describe:

1. Canadians of mixed ethnic heritage who lack a single, pure ethnic identity

2. The first-generation born children of European-born parents who have completely assimilated or blended into the general cultural landscape of Canada.

Those unaware or so far removed from their European cultural and ethnic heritage are also referred to as a mungie or a caker for short.

The term is derived from the Italian word "manga" which denotes a "plain white sponge cake".
That guy is such an ignorant mungie cake.

That mungie cake wouldn't know good food if it hit him in the face.
by Hajduk October 06, 2007
Deprived from the word mungie and the word cake, combined together to make the work mungie cake to describe a white trash folks that have no life and are absolutely useless to this world. Trailer park boys can b considered mungie cakes.
Mr. Faz from boom fight 2 love chat room is a mungiecake.
He is considered to be the biggest mungie cake of them all.
by m4rktrix August 25, 2010
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