British slang for spitball
The School caretaker is going to be furious when he sees all those mungies on the ceiling...
by eignum October 03, 2007
Top Definition
n. the self proclaimed porn name of the legendary cartoon mung tung; one who shits on floors for fun, rambles off incomrehensible slurs; the ultimate binge drinker, one who gets blackout with aspirations of bangin' bitches and killin' babies to be mung tunged; one who enjoys mung tungin'
Mungie says, "drippin' decayed ooz from pregnant lady, soo good, once it hits your lips, soo good"
by James VonHubries September 28, 2005
You are a faggot cracker. Who is racist.
You are a Munge.
by Joesph Chu February 27, 2004
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