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Originally used by stoners, but now has become popularised to refer to all occasions when an individual requires a hefty intake of food.

This feeling usually occurs upon leaving a club in the 3am-6am time bracket, and especially when suffering a hangover.

When in this state, the usual solution is to phone/visit a take-away, with popular examples including sultans, dixy and big bite.

The foods consumed are certainly not part of a stable diet, such as your usual pizzas and kebabs, however certain cases have been reported to include excessive amounts of big macs and bargain buckets.
Griff: Kendy, are we ording a rajas? I got munch to fuck! I want a burger, but without the burger and stuff, just the bread bap, oh and a chocolate cake!

Kendy: When you picking me up to goto slip's deli, i got munch to fuck.

Gayshall: I'm off to mcdonalds with my vouchers to get 4 big macs.

Nick Moore: Sak you lot, I'm off for a bargain bucket!
by Beester May 16, 2009
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