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The Greek word for vagina, or little vagina.
From the word Mouni - meaning vagina - and the suffix -aki which makes things "little" or "cute"
Man, I'd give my left arhidi for a little munaki
by John the Greek November 28, 2005

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Synonym of punani introduced by a Jimmy Fallon character on Saturday Night Live in 2003. Fallon's character is a shock-jock DJ who uses the word to avoid censorship.
So, you gettin' any munaki?
With a car like that, he's gotta be getting loads of munaki!
by Dan March 05, 2004
Greek work for vagina muni, muna, and munaki all describe size
my wife has a fat vagina... muna
my 18 year-old lover has a small vagina... munaki
by Mark Martin December 08, 2005