BAAAAAH! i loooooove my cheese whiz!!
i no i waaaaant it!
Middle English mummie powdered parts of a mummified body used as a drug, from Middle French momie, from Medieval Latin mumia mummy, powdered mummy, from Arabic mumiyah bitumen, mummy, from Persian mum wax
Date: 1615
1 a : a body embalmed or treated for burial with preservatives in the manner of the ancient Egyptians b : a body unusually well preserved
by hobo powers August 24, 2003
Top Definition
the loverly person who gave birth to me and has and will look after me 4 the rest of her life
i love u mummy
by elmo July 09, 2002
A human turd wrapped carefully in toilet paper to resemble a hollywood mummy. Finishing touches of eyes and a smile by magic marker. Often referred as "Mummy's Revenge" when unknowingly placed behind a toilet in it's proverbial tomb.
Shannon placed an "upper deck" on Joe, and Bill layed a "mummy" behind his toilet.
by Billy LosManios September 14, 2006
Downright stanky gas resulting from the digestion of fast food.

Taken from "What, did you cook, eat, and shit a mummy?"
Mike's got mummies. Everyone clear out.
by Sarah Correia March 04, 2004
Lv2 Zombie
Omg a Mummy!
No its not its just a lv2 Zombie*headshots it*
by The only real ninja here January 22, 2010
Mummy is a slang term used for a marijuana blunt with two joint papers wrapped around it turning the outside appearance white. This First originated in Summerville, South Carolina (also know as the 843).
Boy 1- Wanna come over to my house after school me and antoine rolled a mummy up

Boy 2- Yea i'd love to sounds like a real swell time

Boy 1- okay dude see you there
by {843} TJP {843} January 30, 2011
a word that white people say in place of Nigger. completely unracist, just useful for rapping along to songs
"just got rich, took a broke mummy's bitch, i could make a broke bitch rich"

"i ain't saying she a golddigger, but she ain't messin with no broke mummies"

"my mummy my mummy (ay)"
by paradoxpops September 23, 2014
A toilet clogged with toilet paper
That toilet's plugged, someone left a mummy in there!
by Poopadynitz November 29, 2012
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