It's obvious to the most casual observer that Mumia was guilty, the numerous "Free Mumia" sites are an assortment of outrageous lies and fabrications with no truth to them.
Mumia killed Officer Faulkner, of that there is no doubt. Deal with it.
by Dodger August 19, 2005
Top Definition
A African American that shouldn't be in jail. He was framed by poopie, some guy and all the crooked cops
I do read thank you. i know more bout this case then any of you. A guy even admited in court he shot the officer not Mumia.
by ~Michelle~ January 28, 2005
Visit's library article on Mumia (it's well written and gore free - under "biographies" and then "crime"). Ultimately, he did it. What it comes down to is that he was both guilty and the cops investigating went overboard and probably framed him in addition.
I'm a longtime liberal and even I have to admit it. Mumia's guilty. Even Michael Moore has called him out. He did it. Really.
by JFr April 14, 2005
A cop killer who garners sympathy soley because of his skin color.
Dude, if only I was black like Mumia, I would have national interest my murder case, but unfortunately I'm white and I just sit here rotting on death row without self-hating fools trying to get me out of jail.
by Jaggo March 21, 2004

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