a word inveted by me meening a dildo that ur mum uses or a geral term for a person on a thing.
"did u see the size of the mumbrush in colin's mums draw"
"colin u fucking mumbrush"
"arrrrrrrrrrrrrr that stone looks like a mumbrush"
by GrumpyTramp June 20, 2004
Top Definition
A bastardisation of the phrase "mothering the brushes" meaning to gain sexual pleasures from an ordinary household object the same way a dildo works. There is now a small company in south-east England manufacturing mumbrushes for sale.
Also: mumming the brush. To use a mumbrush.
"Did you see Coling go with that mumbrush!?"

"I mummed the brush all fucking day and nothing fucking happened, I'm complaining to my lawyer!"
by Comrade Stankey June 30, 2004
n. (sometimes adjective)
Origionated in the early 21st century, as an insult/proclimation referring in terms to an electrical item that is used to pleasure the female gender.

Usually used in refference to people's mums or other members of family.
You get thrills out of a mumbrush don't you?

Do you need any help to give up the mumbrush?

Your mum uses a mumbrush/You use your mum's mumbrush
by Dragon MKII July 20, 2004
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