A 'mum' is someone who is there to love and care for-after all, she gave life to you and supports you through thick and thin. She is a beautiful lady to love and to respect for all your life. No matter how much you say you hate her, she will always have a place in your heart. She cooks, cleans, washes, buys clothes, puts a roof over your head, and many people repay their mum by calling her 'bitch', 'cow', 'whore', 'slut', like she is something they scraped of their shoe. I love my mum and have a HUGE space in my heart for her. Everyone loves their mum and has a place in their heart for her.
I love you mum! You mean the world to me.
by Jedicatedmiss November 21, 2011
Someone often referred to as MILF (if she is fit) and often jokes are made about peoples mums
'OMG your mum is so Fat' OR 'your mum is a MILF id fuck her!'
by The gre@test April 05, 2010
a big ass bow thing made out of ribbons,
that you get for homecoming from your date.
ronny gave me the best home made mum ever!
by boooobca. March 18, 2009
the most wonderful person in the world who will love you until you die. With the warmest of hearts and who you can never stay away from for more than a week without missing her so much that you think that you might just break down!
I miss my mum sooo much and i love her like hell!!
by lol772 May 29, 2012
Mass Useless Messaging Syndrome

If you are ugly, have no friends, and cannot adequately conduct yourself in social situations, then you will seek out acceptance via non-personal forms of communication to construct a facade to dupe passers-by that you do have friends based on the number of vibrations one receives after sending multiple short messages hoping for the same number of responses, ergo the same number of vibrations-an audible symbol many associate with friendship.
Dave has a terrible case of the MUMS.
by Michael GWSB May 09, 2010
1. synonym of mother
2. silence
His mum and dad are very angry with him.

Keep mum = Stay silent

You better keep mum.
He kept mum about this secret,

Mum's the word! (Used to order someone that they must never reveal the secret)
by English_dictionary January 05, 2013
acronym for 'meet up meal'
Coffee mornings are fun but let's meet up for a proper mum next week
by amiT September 13, 2012

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