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A greatly original electronic melodic band from iceland. Icelandic girls voices singing english is always amazing.
"Hi, im in the band múm, and we will never go to Florida! Ha!"
by Ivan January 21, 2004
A word that means, literally, "it doesn't matter."
"That test mums."
"That test was insignificant."
by Whit Smith February 06, 2005
Someone That Is There For You. Helps You Amoung Other Things. Also, Comes In Your Room Without Knocking When Your Draining The Main Vain :O

Omfg, Wtf?!?! Mum.. Fucking Knock!! For Fuck Sake.. Can't You See It's Small Enough Without Yet More People Laughing - Jamie Simms
by Like, Wtf?!? April 04, 2008
A word that Americans do not know how to spell at all,
also what townies say: 'your mum' as an inslut,
Superwog: Shut up
Random: Your Mum
Superwog: MAHMUMSDEAD *pounces*
by ferrii April 22, 2010
To describe something that taste good. Often said while eating something delicious.
Mums! I really like this pie!
by caarla September 07, 2009
the way people say "mom" in england
my mum is dead
by tatomuck1n November 26, 2008
the english and australian way to say 'Mim'
equivilent to 'Mom' in American

yes, 'Mim'. You see you're all wrong, you stole the from the ancient tribe of yuestewpidfuccs-stupwhyning
English Kid "Some chav jacked me phone mum, nah i didn't sell it for drugs alrite?"

American Kid "Mom, take me to Maccy Dee's."

Yuestewpidfuccs-Stupwhyning Kid "Your Mim's so fat, she walked by the tv and i missed three episodes"
by Josha Eiffel September 17, 2007