1. A British form of the word 'mom'

2. Means to keep quiet (also British)
1. Did you call your mum yet?

2. Keep mum and we won't get in trouble.
by Simply Spiffing January 12, 2007
Top Definition
A word americans don't know how to spell

Also townies use the phrase 'your mum' as an insult
me: fuck off
Townie: your mum
by AAA July 16, 2004
The British, Australian, New Zealand and South African equivalent to the American and Canadian Mom.

And all this argument about the correct way to spell it is nonsense. Why would you bother fighting about the right way to spell Mum/Mom, cheque/check or fiord/fjord? It's neither here nor there. And certainly saying it was Mum first isn't going to bring about a nation-wide reform on it's spelling in America, now, is it?
"Sorry, can't come over, my Mum said 'no'."
by Viktorya Croire April 30, 2008
a word which dickhead americans can't spell, and claim we spell wrong - despite the fact that WE invented the language, and the idiots WE sent to america couldn't spell.
British Guy: Hey mum, I'm home.
American Tit: Hey mom I'm gay!
by H.T.J March 03, 2005
Mum, this is how Brittish and Astralians refer to their mother.

Yes Americans say Mom and this is right too

,but with all ths shit going on in the world its funny how much people get worked up over the spelling. Quite frankly say it the way you want because their both right

Brittish/Australian= My mum is over there

American= My mom is over there

....oh look theres not much differance

by I need a life January 01, 2007
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