A female who is both Intelligent and Beautiful at the same time, usually scandinavian. Commonly used to describe what other women aspire to be like. Muliesque. a perfect female.
That girl is so hot AND intelligent, she's perfect! - yeah, she must be a mulie.
by Roger Chappell May 04, 2006
Top Definition
Slang word for a chick that prefers anal to traditional vaginal sex. These girls tend to be a little more sexually promiscuous than the average woman. (prounounced mule - ee)

When I looked under the table and noticed that Jill didn't have any panties on, I knew then and there that she was a total Mulie and I was gonna get lucky tonight.
by Brian H October 19, 2005
1.) A person that becomes drunk and disorderly enough to end up in jail for a few days. Usually happens when all eyes are upon them and everyone is counting on them.
2.) One who disrupts all plans by becoming so intoxicated they end up in jail and need to be freed through the generosity of others.
While delivering a motorcycle cross country, he ended up pulling a Mulie and had to be incarserated.
by ADV Rider January 12, 2005
Western Australian slang term for the "Southern Blue Pilchard", a small fish roughly 5-6 inches in length and commonly sold in large frozen blocks and used as bait by anglers, especially those fishing for tailor.
I went down to the tackle shop and bought a block of Mulies for bait.
by Mike January 26, 2004
A girl who likes to fuck a lot and prefers it in the ass. Especially fond of a middle finger deep in her anus during rough sex and then smells it. Sex on the rag is a favorite until she looses her tampon deep inside. A Mulie has a menopause mother and hunchback dad who is easy to steal money from and has to jerk-off in his car on the way to work every morning.
Dude, I nailed Mulie once already this morning. Yup, and three times yesterday. I bet her sister can fuck like a beast--she is a slut.
by Hullabuloo July 29, 2005
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