Mule is a defunct rock and roll band hailing from lovely southeastern Michigan. With the exception of the Stooges and the MC5, they are the greatest band to come from that region.

Often compared to poseur, Jon Spencer, Mule is actually a ferociously honest blues-rock trio steeped in whiskey and beer.

Comprised of members of Wig and the Laughing Hyenas, they tore early 90s rock a new asshole with such songs as; Hayride, A Hundred Years, and Mississippi Breaks.

Mule recorded two full-length albums; Mule and If I Don't Six and one EP; Wrung, before breaking up to persue other directions.
No not Gov't Mule you stupid fucking hippie...just Mule!
by RagingLeonard December 12, 2004
Top Definition
1. A carrier of things for someone else; often used to refer to a carrier of illegal drugs, or a video game character who functions as a holding space for items for another character.

1. To hold or transit for someone else.
Bob is the mule for our drugs.

Mulebob is a 1st level character who's a mule for all our gear that we haven't sold yet.

We'll give that item to Mulebob to mule over to your character in that other place.
by Snowblood January 26, 2004
The offspring of a mare and a jackass. Useful as a plough animal, and also a fine ride in rugged terrain. These creatures are almost always sterile. They have the coat of a horse and the voice of a donkey.
I do hope that Charles and Camilla do not breed a mule.
by Bumkicker Slade May 10, 2005
Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game term. Used to define extra characters that are created for the soul purpose of extra item slots.
"Brb guys, getting stuff of my mule."
by Ragnarok Blade April 09, 2005
Another name for the male genitalia.
Josh Estrada has a very small mule..
by Ted Britt September 12, 2003
An acronym used by military officers to describe all the women around them as either: married, ugly, lesbian, or enlisted.
All the women are M.U.L.E.'s around here and it's downright suicide inducing.
by slap nutz July 29, 2003
The outcome of when a donkey and a horse get it on.
My horse betty got fucked by your dirty bastard donkey. Now ive got a mule on my hands.
by Poo on a stick January 19, 2004
A mule is an animal with long, funny ears; he kicks up at anything he hears. His back is brawny, but his brain is weak; he's just plain stupid, with a stubborn streak.
So if you hate to go to school, you may grow up to be a mule.
by Hachiman April 23, 2003
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