Female reproductive organ.
See tooter for male repoductive organ.
Kids, stop laughing at the dog.
She has a nice Muldoon.
by Mike January 13, 2005
Top Definition
a Muldoon is a male between 25 & 75. They rarely exceed 140 lbs. No job, cut off jeans, trucker hat, stolen sunglasses, cheap tennis shoes or flip flops. Tee shirt usually advertises a national brand beer. His most prized posession is his customized cruiser bike with a seat with springs & high handle bars - 1 speed with coaster brake & a plastic cup holder. Muldoon drinks canned beer in a paper bag.
The Muldoon has an incredible memory for bullshit trivia. Favorite songs include "Hotel California", Maggy May", & "Heart of Gold". Often found in Key West, Hatteras, Margate, NJ,... Ft. Lauderdale is Muldoon Mecca. Muldoons avoid the beach and more often frequent the docks, municipal jail cells, & emergency rooms. The Muldoons girlfriend is a Patti. Pattis have pretty faces with red noses, saggy titties,a hard gut, square asses, and skinny "drinking legs". Pattis are light hearted, Muldoons are often melancholy... under the boardwalk is not just a song, it's a way of life!
Bubsy: Hey, what happened to my beer?
Ed: That Muldoon asked if you were finished & I gave it to him.
by the wetspot March 27, 2008
To work an eight hour day regardless of whatever crisis your employees are working on.
I don't care if it gets fixed today, I'm working a muldoon.
by Esphincter November 30, 2006
A police officer. Old 70s Irish-American slang from New York.

Origin: "Muldoon" is an Irish surname.
Some fuckin' muldoons broke up my party last night.
by sexual mystery December 09, 2014
The action of feeding someone booze well beyond their limit. Muldooning can produce various results, including but not limited to feelings of ecstasy, forgotten evenings, expensive cab rides, general dizziness, and corporal bruising/laceration.
"I got Muldooned last night, I don't even remember leaving the bar."
"Man, you were hitting on every girl in the bar last night, even the ugly ones. You totally got Muldooned"
by rudabaugh February 01, 2013
An erection.
"Joey, calm down: I can see your Muldoon!"
by Bobbert99s June 07, 2009
(V) - to pass out inside a bitch during coitus, wake up, and piss on her while she's still asleep
Did you hear that sorority girl got muldooned? Dude was like "Wop.".
by gbooty January 31, 2014
A penis fart, plain and simple. Like a queef for the fellas.
Ugh, what smells like mustard? Did you muldoon, tom?
by Murda123 July 21, 2009
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