Used in place of nigger, by mob members and very racist italians
Get out of my face you mulanyan
by J-Babii December 11, 2007
Top Definition
In the HBO show, "The Sopranos," the word "mulanyan/s" is frequently used as a racist or deragotary term for African Americans.
In the show, Tony Soprano is infuriated by his daughter Meadow, when he finds out she is dating a boy from a mixed-race (African American and Jewish) family. He tells his therapist that neither one of his sisters would have ever brought a "mulanyan" home when they were growing up.

There are many other references to the term throughout the show, always used by members of the mob but never by other characters. This is an indication of the Mafia's racist mentality.
by iwm April 16, 2007
Mulanyan, spelled with Italian phonetics: Mulangnan.
A Mulanyan is a, ethnic/racial slur used mostly by, Italian/or/Sicilian-Americans, referring to an, African-American. The word was popularized by the, HBO mafia series, "The Sopranos" character Tony Soprano.
Mulanyan is like, guinea referring to, Italian/or/Sicilian-Americans.
Italian boy 1: Guess what.
Italian boy 2: What?
Italian boy 1: I just got call a, Guinea by a, Fuckin' mulanyan!
by Chrissy Imperiali May 24, 2008

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