mukti originates from d root word "much" in sanskrit language which stands for is widely used in hindu n jain philosophies referring to breaking universal bonds and attaining also refers to freedom from d four forms of life;human, animal, heavenly n creatures from hell n stopping d process of birth n rebirth in these four n forms and becoming god.
vardhamaan attained mukti n became bhagvaan mahavir. (god mahavir)
by mukti jain May 17, 2008
Top Definition
cool. or awesome. maybe even cold. like the weather. it's another word for cool. in all ways.
She is so mukti. or the weather is mukti outside. or i am so mukti
by May January 22, 2005
Liberation from rebirth; profound. mukti is a sanscrit name for the hindu religon i should know my name is mukti. in more understadable terms is means freedom from being reborn in the cyle of rebirth.
Mukti is a sancrit name and there are no examples of how to use this name.
by Mukti7843 May 13, 2007
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