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a female who possesses the quality of being mugly
stix: yo that bitch is a banger...
thugnasty: U bugging that bitch is a st-raight muggler... shes mugly to the core son, she is so word up mugglerific that my dog wouldnt wanna hump her, and that bastard is in heat and aint humped shit in madd long...
stix: so i still wanna duck her
thugnasty: whatever my ninja
by gthugnasty November 09, 2006
9 27
Muggle - A non-geocacher. Based on "Muggle" from the Harry Potter series. Usually this term is used after a non geocacher looks puzzled after befriending a geocacher searching for a cache, or when a non-geocacher accidentally finds a cache. Geomuggles are mostly harmless.
Beware of the mugglers in this location, better relocate or stash the cache somewhere else.
by dbez August 28, 2012
11 1
A person who utilizes animal feces as lubricant for anal sex. Preferably fresh dog diarhea.
I dated a muggler once who tried to stick animal crap in my butt.
by J.M.Rock March 02, 2005
27 34
The use of animal feces as a sexual lubricant, preferrably canine diarrhea.
My friend Daniel is such a Muggler, he followed Fifi around all day looking for some diarrhea.
by BillyBob April 18, 2005
7 30